A Simple Twist Of Fate ch.2 by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate.

The phone rang, waking Darien and Serena. Darien rolled over a picked it up."Hello?" he asked sounding sleepy. "Hey Darien. Sorry too wake you, but Josh just called here. He want's to know if Serena can come in a little early today. I told him that i would call over to your place and ask her. Oh and could you tell her that her outfits done and she can pick it up anytime before 7:00pm." Irene's voice came over the line. "Sure, not a problem. Would you like to talk with her?" he asked. "Actually i'm running a little behind this morning. I don't have time to chat. I'll see both of you later." she said and hung up. Darien hung up the phone. "What's mom want?" Serena asked. Darien relayed the message.

Serena wrinkled her nose in distaste at working early. "Oh well i need the money. Hey Darien want to grab a quick bite at the arcade? I'm starving and i kinda want to see Andy before tonight. I want the chance to really say bye before he leaves. So what do you say breakfast on me?" She asked. "What do you have up your sleve this time you little minx? I'll agree to breakfast, but you'd better tell me what you up to." He said. Serena smiled. "I was just thinking. Andrew should be the first to know about us. I mean he's always said that you're a confirmed bachlor, so i just want to see his face when we walk in together. I haven't had to much time to see him lately with work and all. I also know for a fact that he hasn't seen you in almost two months. I just need to stop by the house and change real quick and...." Serena was cut off by Dariens mouth on hers. "Hmm. I can get use to that." Serena said as Darien pulled away. "If you really want breakfast i'll pay. On one condition, I get to kiss you anytime i want." Darien said and kissed her again. Serena smiled "You can kiss me anytime you want."

Darien and Serena walked into the arcade. They walked up to the counter, and sat down. "Do you know what you want Rena?" Dairen asked. "Belgian waffles. With strawberrys and whipped cream on them, and a strawberry milkshake." Serena said. "Cravings?" Darien teased. "Wouldn't you like to know. Here comes Andrew. Pretend to be throughly engrossed in your paper." Serena said, then pretended to look at the menu. Andrew approached the counter. "What can i get you mamm?" he asked. "Hey Andy. When did you start calling me mamm?" Serena asked. "Sorry Rena, i didn't reconize you with your hair down." he said. Turning to Darien she said "See Darien. I told you so." then turned back to Andrew and said "Darien told me i had to leave it down. Anyway I want belgain waffles with strawberrys, and whipped cream on top, and a strawberry shake. Sweetie did you decide what you wanted yet?" She asked. "Belgains plain with a coffee please Andy." he said. "Whoa wait a minute. Are... I... ack. When did you two finally hook up?" He asked with a smile. "Josh made me work late last night. I called Darien to tell him to hire a new store manager and, that mom made scampi and cheescake for dinner. He wanted some cheesecake, and I wanted the company, so i shared dinner with him.

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