A Simple Twist Of Fate ch.2 by Jennifer James

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We got to talking and everything just sort of spilled out." Serena explained "Well it's about time. So how are you and the girls doing?" Andrew asked. "We've all been so busy the last few months that i dont even know. Ami's starting med school this fall. Rei's going to take a year off and take care of the shrineand other things. Lita's going to visit her aunt in France, then be back in time to start at the cullanary art school. Mina, as far as i know somehow landed a modeling contract and is going to Rome for the summer. Last but not least me. I just got promoted at work to a manager so i decided that for now i want to work. After i have enough money saved i might go to college." Serena said.

They ate breakfast and talked. They said their offical goodbyes to Andrew whished them luck and told them to write wherever he and Rita were. Darien dropped Serena by his place so she could get her car. He asked her to wait for him at her place so they could go to Andrews party together. She aggread.

Serena had just finished clocking out when her communicator went off. She slipped into the restroom, and flipped it open. "What's up guys?" She asked. "Yomas Park." Reis voice came over the line. "I'll be there as soon as possible." Serena said and flipped it closed. She left,and ducked into the nearest alley and transformed. She took off running. She was 3 blocks from the park when whe was attacked from behind, by a yoma. "Dammit!" Sailor Moon swore. She turned around and blasted it with her tiara. It hit the yoma in one of it's arms. The yoma grabbed for her, and missed cutting her arm. Sailor Moon grabbed the scepter and blasted the yoma into dust. She ran the rest of the way to the park. She didnt see the girls but knew they were in heavy battle. 2 stray yomas spotted Sailor Moon and blasted her sending her into a cement wall bruising and scraping her back and legs. She stood shakily. She pulled out her scepter and blasted the first yoma. It was dusted. She turned her attention on the second yoma. She threw her tiara at it to destract it. It worked. Sort of. The yoma blasted her with an energy ball. It sent her flying into a tree scraping her back up even more. She stood and imeadiately ducked another blast. Frustrated she ran at the yoma and hit it in the head with her scepter. Stunned it stood there while Sailor Moon blasted it into dust.

She looked around for the other yoma. She heard screams coming from the other end of the park, and quickly rushed toward them. There the rest of the scouts and Tuxedo mask were battling another yoma twice the size of the other three that she'd just killed. She threw her tiara at it to distract it. Startled it turned to her and threw a blast at her. She ducked and rolled out of the way. Coming up she blasted the yoma with the scepter it turned to dust.

"What the hell took you so long? Wait dont even asnswer that. I'm sure you have a perfectly good answer for that." Sailor Venus snarled. "I was...." She was cut off by Jupiter "We're tired of hearing your excuses Sailor Moon." "You need to learn to be on time, and be responsible.

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