A Simple Twist Of Fate ch.3 by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate.

Serena and Darien arrived at Andrews party 15 minutes after 7:00. Rita greeted them. "Hey Serena. Hey Darien You guys look good. Love the shoes girl. You definetly have taste." Rita said. "Thanks Rita and good luck to you and you carear. You'll definetly be missed. Don't forget to write." Serena said. "Thanks. We'll miss you guys too. We won't forget to write, and we'll be back for christmas every year. Enough now, go enjoy yourselves." Rita said.

They mingled, and chatted for an hour. Darien asked her to dance, and she accepted. They danced for about two hours off and on. Darien decided he needed a break, and Serena decided to get soemthing to drink. Serena felt better untill she spotted the girls. Depression washed over her again.

She rememberd what Rei had said about the punch being spiked. 'Screw it' she thought. Being drunk sounded a lot better than being sober right then. 'I'll probably regret this in the morning.' she thought as she downed a glass of punch.It went straight to her head. She was on her 7th glass when Rei found her a couple hours later. "Serenity!" She hissed at Serena. Hearing her full name got her attention. Only Rei knew it, and only she used it when Serena was in trouble. "Yes?" she asked. "Do you feel better?" Rei asked. "Yes." Serena answerd smartly. "Exactly how many cups have you had?" Rei asked. Serena held up three fingers, and said "Two." then burst into laughter. "I'm taking you and Darien home. Andrew's been feeding him punch half the night. "Serena put that down you've had more than enough." Rei said as she took Serenas cup from her hand.

Rei turned around to look for Darien. Serena picked up the cup Rei had just sat down, and proceeded to finish it off, and pour another cup. "Dammit Serenity! Put that down!" Rei hissed. Serena did as she was told. Rei spotted Darien through the crowd. On the way across the room Rei was stopped by the 3 girls. She turned to them angrily, and said "I sure as hell hope you three are happy.! Because of your ingnorance Sere is hurt beyond belief. What would Your princess think of you? I ought to tell her. Serena had to battle with 3 other yomas before she could get to us. Yet even after 3 yomas she still came for us. It's because of you that She didn't have much fun tonight, like she should have been. One of her best friends is leaving tommrow. Who knows when any of us will see him again.When she was supposed to be having fun and saying goodbye, Serena was drinking to much to try to push away what you said to her. You know as well as i do how hard it is to battle Yoma without her. She was injured today, and her mom had to help care for the burns and cuts on her legs and back. Thankfully she heals quick, but still it will be at least a week untill she's fully healed. I want you to think long and hard about what you said before i see or speak to you again. You'd better hope there are no battles between now and then, because I won't be there. Neither will she. Once tuxedo mask finds out you wont have his help either. I gaurentee it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find Serenas boyfriend Darien and drag both their happy asses out of here." Rei Hissed.

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