Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 14C-Making Plans by Joe Bandel

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"What I don't understand", he told Rafe. "Is my uncle never told me about any of the stuff Sarah's dad told me about. He didn't tell me anything about the sanctuary program either and he must have known quite a bit about it. All he did was give me a letter from my parents and a ticket to Heliopolis.

He didn't want me to go to Old Seattle like the letter said. He said no one lived there anymore. I had to change the ticket myself at the last minute. I felt I "needed" to go to Old Seattle first and do what the letter told me to. That's where I met Sarah and her father."

"My uncle said the same thing about Howling Wolf, that he wasn't alive anymore. I need to go back Rafe. I need to check it out and find out anything I can about my parents. That place is haunted and something doesn't feel right. The Lord and Lady keep telling me that I need to go there."

Rafe was startled, "The Lord and Lady? They talk to you and tell you to go to the lake?"

"Well they don't really talk to me", he said. "It's more like they put thoughts in my head and my heart. It's like they are guiding me or something."

Rafe ran a hand through his touselled hair with a worried look on his face. "This is too much man! I've got to think about this awhile. I never heard of the Lord and Lady talking to anyone except the High Priest and High Priestess. The rest of what you said is just crazy. If I didn't know you, I would say you were making the whole thing up."

His eyes searched Tobal's and probed deeply with no hint of his grin. "But you're not making it up are you?"

"No", Tobal answered quietly.

Rafe sighed in frustration, "I didn't think so." He rubbed his hair again. "Promise me you won't go there until we talk about this again, ok? It might be dangerous and we have to be careful."

"I'll talk to you at circle next month then", Tobal said. "I need to go back there before it gets snowed in."

He left Rafe and went back to watch the other initiations. There were five initiations this month. Sarah was going to be initiated with Melanie's newbie, Butch and Becca's newbie, Mike. There were two others Tobal didn't know. It was going to be a long night at circle again.

Tobal couldn't stop the thoughts running through his head. He looked around the circle at some of the others he knew. Char was watching her newbie get initiatied. Apparently Char and Wayne had broken up. Tobal looked around and didn't see Wayne at circle and wondered if he was at sanctuary waiting for his own newbie.

It was late after the initiations when he finally caught up with Melanie and told her about his plan. He was relieved when she seemed to like it

"That's a good idea", she told him. "This past month was hard for me and I don't think Butch is ready for winter yet. I don't even know if I am. I didn't want to tell you but I am a bit worried. We didn't do a lot of winter stuff when you trained me and food is getting harder to come by. I know how to make snow shoes and winter clothing in theory but it's a lot different in real life."

"I'm pretty much the same way", he told her.

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