A Simple Twist Of Fate ch4 by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate

The phone rang about 2:30 the next afternoon, waking Serena up. She woke up and reached out to pick up the phone. "Hello?" She whispered. "Morning. Sere. Hows your head?" Reis voice came softly over the line. Serena was starting to wake up more fully now. She sat up, instantly feeling the pain between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked down at her still naked body. The sheet was spotted with a small amount of blood. "OH GOD!" Serena exclaimed softly. "What?" Rei asked. "Rei, I did something stupid. I slept with Darien last night, and not the way you think. How soon can you be here.?" Serena asked panicky. "I was on my way over anyhow. Get up and go open the door. I'm standing there." Rei said and hung up.

Serena got up, and threw Dariens shirt on from last night. It hurt a little to walk, but she made it to the door. She opened it, and let Rei in. She walked in and shut the door behind her. "Gods Sere. You need to shower. I bled my first time too. Is Darien awake yet?" she asked. "No. Not so loud, i can hear just fine. I haven't had the guts to wake him up yet. God i can't belive i got drunk and had sex last night, and I dont even really rember it. I rember you bringing us home, and puking then playing rum black jack. Then we came in here, and i told him i loved him, and then i remeber feeling pain. Thats it. Untill you woke me up a few minutes ago." Serena said. "You go shower and get cleaned up. i brought you some clean clothes since i know you just wore the dress last night. i'll wake up Darien and try to talk to him. Ten to one he wont remeber much either. I'm pretty sure he'll feel guilty, and appologize a bunch. Tell him it's o.k. and that it's your fault too. I just thought of something, Rena when are you due for your next cycle?" Rei asked. "Next week." she squeaked looking pale. "Don't panic. I doubt that you are. Just keep watch. I'm gonna go wake up Darien. We'll talk when you get out of the shower." Rei said.

Serena got in the shower and Rei went to wake up Darien. "Darien. Wake up." Rie said loudly. Darien groaned and rolled over. "Serena?" He asked. "Try again Endymion." Rei said dryly. Darien Groaned. "Rei what are you doing here? Wheres Serena?" He asked. "I origionally came over to see how the two of you were feeling. I stayed when i saw what a mess Serena was. Serena is in the shower cleaning up. How much of last night do you remember?" Rei asked. Darien sat up. It was then he realized he was naked. Rei turned around so Darien could get up. He slipped on a pair of boxers. He looked over to where Serena had lain. He saw the blood on the sheet, and the night before came flooding back, like a tidal wave.

It took about 10 minutes for it to really sink in."Oh god. This is all my fault." Darien said. "No. I've come to the conclusion that i get to blame Venus Mercury and Jupiter." Serena said emerging from the shower clean and dressed. "Why? What do the scouts have to do.... What are you saying ?" he asked. "Darien I'm, well was one of them." She said. At Dariens blank look she changed tactics. 'Seeing is beliving' She thought to herself.

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