A Simple Twist Of Fate ch5 by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate.

Serena changed the sheets and stuck the dirty ones in the washer. She went back into the bedroom and grabbed her purse. She opened it and took out her cell phone. She punched in Reis number. "Sup Rena?" Rei asked as she swallowed whatever she'd been eating. "What were you eating Rei" Serena asked. "Umm, hold on they're sort of a cream puff. Lita left them here the other day. I'm starving and was looking for something to eat. Why what's up?" She asked. "Darien and i are gonna grab a bite to eat and go through the stuff in moms storage. Wanna join us?" Serena asked. "I'm broke, so i cant join you for lunch, but i'll meet you at storage." Rei said "I'm paying for lunch. I thought we could go to Jessies all you can eat buffet for 4.99 unless Darien decides something different."Serena said "Coolie. I'm there. Serena what are you doing?" Rei asked "Loading Dariens dishwasher. Thinking about how i could make this place look a little more inviting." Serena said. "You act more like a wife than a girlfriend. When are you going to tell him that your a princess?" Rei asked. "I think he knows. Rei I had a dream last night. I drempt of being back on the moon. Everyone was there. The inners, the outers, Endymion and his gaurd and mom. It was Darien Rei He's my prince, the one i've been searching for my whole life. And to think, he was there by my side the whole time. Rei i'm scared. What happens if i am?" Serena asked. "Serenity you worry to much. Plus it's to early to know for sure." Rei said.

"You know what Rei? I know. It's just a feeling, but i know. You knew too didn't you?" Serena asked. "Yeah i knew. The morning after i knew. I don't know how i would have made it through the whole thing without you Rena. The girls never even suspected a thing. Baggy sweatshirts hid the whole thing. Thank god it got cold early that winter. They never even asked why i got invited with you on your christmas vacation." Rei said "I'm coming over Rei. I'll be there in 5 minutes." Serena said and hung up.

She walked back into Dariens bedroom. He had just finished dressing. HeyI'm gonna head over to The Shrine and visit for a few minutes we'll meet you at Dennys in half an hour. I'm trying to convince her to go to school at Harvard still. She keeps insisting that shes not going back there after that embaressing situation. You were there, you know what happened." Serena said. "Hold up a sec i'll join you. I Was only there because i was studying there. I never thought i'd run into you and Rei. Much less find out that she's a scout. I never would've known if i hadn't seen her sigal glowing. It was funny that only you and i saw it. It's a wonder i didn't put two and two together then. I should've known that you were in cahoots with the scouts." Darien said as they walked to the door.

"I never did understand how come you knew, but the rest of the scouts didn't."Darien said. "Well, it is an easy explanation, but i'm not sure you're ready to know." Serena said. "You might as well tell me now." Darien said. Serena took a deep breath, and said "I gave her a royal order to tell me why she'd been so sick.

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