Modern War Story: Chapter One by Cody Scott

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SUMMARY: Something for people who enjoy military style writing, look for chapter two.

Chapter One
Otega was propped against a storage container.
His gloved hands gripped a semi-automatic pistol and a water bottle which was half empty. Within twenty feet of the soldier was a helicopter being loaded with lethal, nightmarish weapons that according to the soldier were meant to be in hell. They could be detonated on land to kill thousands, or detonated in the atmosphere to vanish millions.
The soldier now prepared to board the roaring black bear, his mission; To ensure the arrival of Nuclear Weapons to Celsur, a scarcely populated city with temperatures below freezing. Otega sat furthest away from the weapons of mass destruction, letting two scientist and three other soldiers sit beside it.
" This is crazy," he muttered. One bullet to the nukes and they'll detonate or, worse. Otega thought fingering his gas mask. To make things worse, the chopper would first have to fly thirty miles before leaving an entirely hostile district. How could the General not know this?
The scientist issued a "Go" order and above the ceiling began to hum an electric churn. Once it had opened, the pilots elevated the chopper from the dark underground bunker. Higher, higher, and higher. They rose it above the blanket of trees before dipping the bird forward, bringing it to a speed of one hundred miles an hour. Better then driving with a big a** convoy. Otega joked.