A Simple Twist Of Fate ch6 by Jennifer James

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A simple twist of fate.

As soon as they got to Serenas house they called Victoria, Reis mom.
She arived 15 minutes later. "Whats this all about girls?" Victoria asked as she sat down in the living room. "We want to know all that you can tell us about Travis."Rei said. "Oh my god!" Victoria wispered. Irene fainted, and Ken looked white. "How did you find out?" Victoria asked. "Darien pointed it out really, but we've known since we were seven that we were adopted." Rei said. Irene came to. "Why now?" Ken asked. "Do you still love us?" Serena asked. "We've always loved you. Ever since the first day that we saw you. You were wearing a diaper and a t- shirt and bawling your head off, because you were cutting your first tooth." Ken said. "We didn't know about Rei or Travis when we first adopted you. I was just so happy. After 7 years of infertility i finally had a baby. Maybee not one that i gave birth to, but i finally had a baby. I called Vic as soon as i brought you home. She was in the adoption process too. Three days later she was approved. She went through the same orphanage that we did, and thats when she saw Rei. She had just swung back from phnemonia, and she looked so sad. She brought her over here on the way home, and thats when we noticed how much you two looked alike. We comapred papers and realized you were sisters. She changed all her plans to move to the U.S. and stayed here so you two could grow up near each other. It wasn't surprising then when we found out two years ago that you were both scouts and the cats talked." Irene said "The only thing that really scared us is when Rei got pregnent. We were worried that she'd get called into battle and loose the baby. She didn't have to move out, but she did. She fugured since she could get pregnent she could move out. I never stopped her. She made all her own descisions. Just like you Serena. Ever since you started working you rarely stay home. Your always at Dariens, or school. Now you're even getting your own apartment. You two have grown up so fast. We were afraid that if we told you that we'd push you even further away then you've drifted these last 6 years since your first battle. I mean you were 11 years old and battling things far worse than junior high and zits. It's a wonder you didn't discover boys like Rei did Serena." Victoria said. "Thats cause i've always had my sights set on Darien. I finally got what I wanted to." Serena said as she leaned into Darien.

"How come no one told me that Serena and Rei were sister?" Sammy asked. "For the same reason we never told them. We were afraid that if it got back to them that they'd hate us. Now we can see that all of the worry was in vain. Sammy you are our Miracle child. Who knew that we'd ever have you? The doctors said it wasn't posible for your mom or Victoria to have children. They proved them wrong though. It's kinda ironic that they both got pregnent and had children the same day only minutes apart. You and Alan are miracles." Ken expalined "All we know about your brother is that They kept his first name Travis, and his last name is James, and that he lives here somewhere." Irene said.

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