Death By Algebra by Tari Xalyr

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Heaven is an excellent example. A couple of centuries ago if you didn't go to church with your family every Sunday or didn't put money in the collection plate then you were suspected of compacting with the devil, witchcraft, possession and disobeying God. By naming these suspicions and giving "reason" thrown in with the threat of not going to heaven you were doomed to suffer for eternity. People ask what happens after you die. Neither Science, Math, English or SE will answer so RE must step in and to stop you being scared will tell you of "heaven and hell." So if those who believe in god weren't already questioning their lives and beliefs they will be now!

So society wonders what things are. They are scared if they cannot name it. Throughout history people have died or been killed by the irrational, illogical and Unnamable forces of this world. So they attempt to make it logical and rational, give it a name and then explain it. I mean after all you've never seen a newspaper headed "DEATH BY ALGEBRA."