A Simple Twist Of Fate ch7 by Jennifer James

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A Simple Twist of Fate

"Serena!!! Get out of bed right now!!!" Rei yelled up the top of the stairs at her sister. "I've been up for an hour. I have my phone turned off and am enjoying a nice calming lavender scented bubble bath.
If you have a problem please feel free to discuss it with Darien whos sitting on my bed." Serena said into her communicator. "I didn't know those things were waterproof." Rei said as she bounded up the stairs two at a time. "Darien does she have any idea what time it is?" Rei asked. "She knows perfectly well what time it is. I don't know what your hurry is, Graduation isn't till 7. As of right now that gives you 10 hours and 27 minutes before you have to be there. Now then Rei, What in the hell is your problem?" Darien asked. "I don't have anything to wear to graduation tonight." Rei said. "Give me half an hour to finsh getting clean, and i'll go to the mall with you." Serena said from her bathroom. "Rei did you eat yet?" Darien asked figuring in her excitment that it wasn't likely. "I forgot to eat this morning." she answered. "Mom made breakfast if your hungry. Theres an assortment of food and juice on the buffet." Darien said. "Yum. Are you and Serena still going to dinner before graduation?" She asked. "Yes. I plan to ask her then." Darien said quietly. "Good. i'm gonna go get food and come back up." Rei said.

She went downstairs and was back up 10 minutes later with a platefull of food. She ate quickly and quietly. "Where do you put all that food?" Darien asked Rei. "I am a certified bottomless pit.I can rival Rena in the amount of food and the speed of food anyday." Rei answered."Rei will you close the door so i can get dressed please?" Serena asked. Rei closed the door. "Do you have the ring?" Rei asked "Right here." Darien said pulling it from his pocket. It was gorgeous. There was a crescent moon with a sapphire in the middle surrounded by two small princess cut diamonds. "Thats pretty. She'll love it." Rei said. "Not your taste huh?" Darien teased. "Nope. I prefer Rubys over sapphires anyday. And as much as i like the moon, i'd rather not have it on a ring." Rei said. "You and Serena are so different." Darien commented with a smile. He slid the ring back into his jacket pocket, and zipped it up. "What are you two doing?" Serena asked as she appeared in the room. "Geez Serena." Rei said as she jumped. "We were discussing Reis taste in Fashion. Right now we are currently comparing your taste in sapphires to her taste in Rubys." Darien said. "Saphires are much more pretty than Rubys. End of discssion." Serena said. "Are you planning on wearing just that to the mall?" Darien teased as Serena rummaged around in her closet for something to wear. "Yes i plan to go out in just my thong and bra, wouldn't that be a sight?" Serena said dryly. "Ah you don't even have to wear that much, and i'm happy." Dairen said. Serena turned her head and winked at him. "Ahha I found it." Serena said as she pulled out a shoe box. "What's in there?" Mina asked. "A shirt that my dad said i could wear the day I graduated and no sooner." Serena said

She took the lid off the box and pulled out the skimpiest shirt Darien had ever seen.

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