A Scientist And The Eqation Of Love by Swapnil Bhartiya

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SUMMARY: A scientist who wanted to explore love, comes out with a shocking revalations.

There was a mathmatecian who worked on the equations of human emotions, to reveal the logic behind emotions. He undetook a project to understand love.

He observed everyone around him. He had a loving wife and he took notes of everything she did, and then analysed it. In same way he experimented on his only daughter. He would keep a record of all they did for him. And continued his work.

Explaining love was not an easy equation, but he was a dedicated man. He devoted his life to it, and his wife supported him; evenwhen he had almost no time for her. In the end, when he had reached entered 86th year of his life, his wife passed away. He was little sad coz, his experiement had almost completed. Then he compiled to get it published. But when he sat down writing the result, he couldn't write much. And that weired scientist who always tried to verify and evaluate everything, for the first time in his life broke into tears. Then he put a huge pile of his research papers in a dust bin and wrote on a clean white paper. The Conclusion of why we love:

"I invested my whole life explaining love. Which I still can't. I see no reason behind the things she did to me, no reason why she loved me so much. And I have only one guilt. If she was alive and I wanted to return a favour for all she did for me throughout her life, all I would do is simply go to her and plant a kiss on her cheek."