The True Vampire Lord, PART ONE: Alliances Amidst Destruction, Chapter 1: The Ruins of Owak. Captured in a Field of Sunflowers. by Presly Madarang

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SUMMARY: Zin returns to his home, the planet Owak with his vampire companion, Seb, and they run in to some trouble.

Chapter 1: The Ruins of Owak. Captured in a Field of Sunflowers.

Seb remained under the shade of a willow tree as Zin began to levitate in mid-air. Before they landed on the planet, their ship's sensors had picked up a massive amount of psychic energy emanating from the planet's surface. The burst of psychic energy lasted only a moment, but it was enough to alarm Seb and Zin. Even Cerberus, Seb's familiar, had felt uncomfortable. Owak was supposed to be uninhabited, at least that's how it had been for more than fifty years since a horde of vampires invaded and destroyed all humans inhabiting the planet.

Zin began sending waves of psychic energy in all directions trying to find if there would be reaction to it. He closed his eyes and began to think of the last pleasant memories he had of Owak. The planet was once an agricultural world inhabited by about five million humans. There was a council of Wizard Masters who acted as advisers, leaders, and mediators. Most believed that the oldest of the Wizards was once a great Wizard of the Empire, but was exiled for some crime he had committed. Nonetheless, no one really paid attention to that rumor. For Zin, the old Wizard Zanno was the only parent he had ever know and the inhabitants of Owak were his only his family.

Zin was the only survivor of the destruction of Owak. Within him, he held the powers and memories of seven Wizard Masters as a result of a blood-spell that Zanno placed on him when the old Wizard reached the moment of death. A Wizard's powers were at their strongest at the moment of death and all of those powers had been transferred to Zin. Although Zin had been able to use the full potential of those powers only once, he had managed at least to improve his magical skills over the fifty years since the destruction of Owak. For now, those destructive powers remained dormant.

His newly acquired powers went on a rampage fifty years ago and destroyed all the vampires who had murdered the inhabitants of Owak. After all that destruction, Zin lost consciousness and found himself being carried by the vampire called Seb when he woke up. He hated vampires, but he found out later that Seb was different. Seb and his Cerberus were now his family.

Zin opened his eyes and looked at Seb. The blood-spell he had caste on the vampire had been successful. It was the third time he had done this. Seb could now walk outside during the day, but sunlight still weakened him.

"Have you found anything?" Seb asked.

Zin sensed that Seb was becoming impatient. The vampire accepted the ability of being able to stand under the sun without being turned into ashes as useful spell, but he still preferred the darkness.

Zin descended on the ground and walked towards Seb. "There seems to be nothing."

Seb sighed. Despite professing that he was a pacifist and he despised fighting, he was actually looking forward to a challenge.

"I think I'll take a walk," Zin said. "You can go back to the shuttle, if you want."

"You think that's safe?" Seb lifted his hat and his long white hair moved with the breeze.

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