The True Vampire Lord, PART ONE: Alliances Amidst Destruction, Chapter 1: The Ruins of Owak. Captured in a Field of Sunflowers. by Presly Madarang

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He directed his ruby-colored eyes at Zin. "We might not be able to sense anything now, but that massive psychic energy a few hours ago was not an illusion. Something caused that."

Zin met Seb's eyes. Zin had only met a Vampire Lord face to face once, but that was something he had always wanted to forget. Whenever he looked at Seb's eyes, there was something else there. He could never identify what it really was but he had seen that same thing when he looked at his own eyes in the mirror sometimes.

"But that doesn't matter, right?" Seb went on. "You'll just go anyway."

"It shouldn't bother you, Seb," Zin said, smiling, "I always come back anyway. You should go back to the Shiraea and stop worrying about me. Cerberus might be hungry already."

"You forgot to give him his breakfast again, didn't you?"

"You shouldn't rely too much on me, Seb. If you become too dependent on me, Cerberus might just leave you and find another master."

Seb bared his fangs. He was beginning to become annoyed. "I'm not dependent on you. You forget I was the one who saved you when you got taken hostage by some bank robbers in Gelia and that time that you walked in the middle of a clan war in Astreia."

Zin started patting the vampire on the back. "Naaah! Let's forget about the past and focus on the future. You should hurry back. Cerberus might already be chewing on your favorite pair of boots."

Zin began running toward the hills, leaving an annoyed Seb behind.


As the sound of the space shuttle taking off echoed in the background, Zin viewed the ruins of what once the city of Leda from the heights. It was not one of the most magnificent cities of the empire. It only had a few million inhabitants. But it was the only home Zin had ever known. He first learned when he started living in Owak. For the first time, he understood that there were more things in the Universe than pain and suffering.

He had been an orphan. At the age of five, he stowed away in a cargo ship heading for Owak. He was discovered by the ship's captain who had decided to sell him as a slave and in an underground auction, where he was sold to a man who had a malicious appetite for young boys. Fortunately, Zanno had intervened and along with some law-enforcers put a stop to the slave auction. All those involved had been arrested including the captain of the cargo ship.

Since then he had lived on Owak. Zanno had adopted him and Zin used to call the old Wizard, "Grandfather." Zanno had taught him magic. Zin did not have much talent for that kind of stuff but he always managed to master every lesson Zanno gave him. Hard work was Zin's only talent. At the age of ten, Zanno sent him to the Imperial capital to study in the Wizards' Academy. He learned much but it wasn't enough for the Wizards' Guild to allow him to graduate. After eight years, he returned to Owak with nothing much to show for.

It was during the night of his return that a horde of vampires descended on the planet.

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