A Simple Twist Of Fate ch8 by Jennifer James

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A Simple Twist of Fate

"So Travis what's your story? You know what ours is now tell us yours." Serena said. "Does she always sound so comanding?" Travis asked. "Yes, and she rightly should. She calls the shots in battle not us. If she were to ever go down I'm second in command. You already knew that though." Rei said. Travis nodded. "Well from what i know, and belive me it's not much, Jessie and Adam adopted me because they needed a male heir and were unable to have their own. They only wanted one child. Preferably a blonde and male, because Jessie was a blonde, and they needed someone to carry on their name when they passed on.
They saw me and decided i was what they wanted. They didn't care that they were separating me from my two sisters. I was to scared to say anything. They only ever thought of themselves. They took me home to their mansion on the east side, and left me to be raised by nannys. The nannys taugh me to read when i got there and i devoured every book in Adams library. I pretty well figured out how to multiply and divide by the time i was old enough to be in school. I went to a private school called Jeferson for 3 months. The teachers tired of not being able to teach me something i didn't already know. Adam and Jessie took me out of school. When i was 18 Jessie died suddenly in a car crash, and Adam damn near went crazy with grief over it. I was home schooled untill i started high school. I went to another private school for gifted children outside the city limits called Horizon Academy. I graduated as valadictorian. Adam died 5 months ago of a massive heart attack and ever since then i have been looking for you two." Travis explained.

"Why don't you call them mom and Dad?" Mina asked. "Because they weren't, and they never let me forget it." He answered. "So where are you living?" Rei asked. "In the mansion. Everything was left to me in Adams will. I own the mansion, have complete control over his business, own lots of stock, own land in places i've never been. I own buildings downtown and all over this godforsaken city and other citys. I own several apartment buildings downtown. I also own several cars, and oh yeah 3 motels. The worst part about it though, is i hate it. I don't want any of it." Travis explained. "I'm sorry, but at least it's made you a better person." Serena said softly. "You know something Serena? You're right it has made me a better person. You're the only ones that i've told my story to that don't feel sorry for me, just for the fact that they never knew me." Travis said.

"What style would you like your hair done in ladys?" a women asked them as they walked into the salon part of the spa. "Whatever you think looks good." Serena and Rei aswered in unison. Oh my family and gfraduates i'm betting. I love it! Do any of you have anything specific in mind? I assume that all 5 of you are together?" The stylist Janine asked. "I want some of the obnoxious hair of mine off. I swear when i washed it this morning it felt like my neck was breaking." serena said. "Would you be interested in donating any to locks of love?" Janine asked.

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