A Simple Twist Of Fate Chapter 10 by Jennifer James

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A Simple Twist of Fate

They arrived at Serenas in no time. "I love that car." Rei said as she got out of ther porsche. Travis smiled. "I'm glad. So where is this mom that you two talk so much about?" He asked as they walked into the house. Irene poked her head around the kitchen corner and asked "Did someone mention my name?" "Mom this is Travis, Travis mom." Serena Introduced. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Tsukino" Travis said. "Yep definetly realted. You three look to much alike to deny it it. It's kinda freaky." Sammy said comming into the living room. "Gee thanks Sammy. You're kinda freaky too." Serena teased him. "Dead boy this is Travis, Travis Dead boy." Rei introduced. Sammy nodded a greeting and ran back to his room. "Rei that wasn't nice." Victorias voice sounded from the doorway. "Yes it was." Serena and Rei said in unison. "Travis this is my mom Victoria, mom Travis." Rei introduced as Victoria walked into the living room. Irene just smiled and walked into the living room. She and Victoria sat down on the couch. "So Travis tell us about yourself." Victoria said.

Travis recounted his story to them. "At least someone in this family has brains." Alan comented. "You don't know me, and yet you call me family. Why?" Travis asked. "You're related to my sisters right?" Alan asked. Travis nodded. "That makes you family." Sammy said coming from his room, he continued "We know that Serena and Rei aren't biologically related to us,thank goodness, but we still love them as if they were. It doesn't make any difference to us that they have totally different parents that they never knew. What matters is we love them and they love us uncnditionally." "You know for somneone as young as you and Alan are you sure hold a lot of wisdom." Travis commented. "Shh we don't want our friends to find out." Alan joked. Everyone laughed. "I feel more at home here than i ever have at the mansion." Travis commented.

"It happens. Is anyone hungry? I have food." Irene asked. "You cook?" Travis asked. "Whenever shes home she does. It's really good too, because she makes the best cheescake this side of the ocean. Ask Darien he'll tell you. He loves our moms cheesecake." Sammy said as everyone walked into the kitchen and dining room. Travis looked at Darien and he nodded in agreament. "You have a lovely home here Mrs. Tsukino." Travis said. "Thank you, please call me mom. Everyone else does. Serena do you want any scampi?" She asked. "No thanks my stomachs in knots over the speech tonight. I'm not very hungry. If you have some cheesecake i'll munch on that." Serena answered. Irene handed Serena and Darien each a slice of strawberry covered cheesecake. "I've been wanting strawberries since i saw you pick them this morning." Serena said as she took a bite of cheese cake. "I don't know if it's possible, but this is even better than the last time you made it." Darien said. Irene just smiled.

They all chatted and ate and had a good time. Ken came home and joined them. Intoductions were made again. Serena snuck upstairs admist all the chatter, and changed into her graduation outfit.

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