Home by Kim Shea

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SUMMARY: A journal of a searching girl

I was awaken by the sweet-sour smell of honeysuckle and lemon grass seeping through the air vents. I am home. I sit up to look out of the window. The tall rows of corn look broad against the summer sun. The humidity is great. A typical July day in Daffodil. A "V" of ducks fly downward into the lake that shows it's shimmering vast self where the crop ends. There is nothing like coming here after being in the city for so long. It humbles me.
We ride past Mr. William's home. His beautiful garden has expanded in his never ending backyard. A beautiful array of pinks and reds and orange. A hint of yellow and the weepy weeping willow keeping watch. I remember the many summer picnics he held here. Memories of eating his home grown tomatoes and watermelon swirl through my mind. They were prize winning. A Willy Wonka of home grown vegetables.

We have come to the dirt road. Ah the old dirt road. The flashbacks come instantly and snapshots of me and Faith, my beautiful mare flare my mind. Her chest was wide and neck long. She was as black as the still of night and as gentle as a morning fog. I would sneak to meet Johnny at the end of the road at midnight. I suddenly miss him. I must see him again.

We arrive and mama comes outside, her hair curled and loosely bundled on her head. She wears no make-up,nor does she need to she is naturally beautiful. "Come inside" she says "Dinner is waiting!" The many smells in mamas house are comforting, pulling at my heartstrings. It smells of homemade food, Sweet Potato Pie, fried chicken, and corn bread. I haven't had a meal this good in months. We are sitting around the dining table and I asked mama about Johnny. You see, Johnny was my best friend. He had seen me through so many obstacles. "He works down on the Miller's farm tending to the crops," Mama said. "You should go see him! I am sure he will be working late tonight planting soybeans."

The sunset is orange and pink. The crickets start chirping and the lightning bugs dance in the sky. I walk down the dirt road and onto the blacktop. I start walking towards the Miller's farm. As I get closer, I can hear the silent hum of a John Deere tractor. Then I see the light coming towards me. I run up to it and wave my hands around. He sees me!! He opens the door with a big grin on his face and motions for me to come up there. So I climb the stairs and sit down next to him. He throws his arms around me. "I have missed you so much!" he says. I looked into his eyes. They are chocolate brown sparkling in the distant sun. He is the same country boy I left 19 months ago. I get the urge to kiss him, and I do. He leans away with surprise and I smile. He then pulls me close and kisses me again. His lips interlock so perfectly with mine and I feel everything I have been searching for has been waiting for me right where I left it. Home.