The Lesson pt 3 by Diron Bates

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After several rolls they came to a stop. The monster settled its formidable weight upon him, its face so close that he and the beast shared several breaths. Jeremy gagged upon the deathly scent that the creature exhaled and it savored the flavor of fear that seeped from his every orifice. It growled low in its throat as if attempting to squeeze one more sweet drop of the boys terror before devouring him. The growl was cut short by a low whistle, the beast jerked, something warm and wet sprayed against his face. Jeremy watched the light fade from the beast's eyes before he heard the heavy thud as the head dropped beside him. A wet snout brushed the side of his face as if the beast only wished to nuzzle against his neck. He struggled under the hairy rigid body of the monster as the blood began to flow freely from its mortal wound; its blood was as thick as hot molasses and stank worse then its putrid breath. Something hit the limp corpse solidly from the side, it toppled over and he squirmed from underneath it, a hand grabbed him quickly by his shirt and hoisted him onto his feet.
"M-mom?" he stammered. "Is that you?"
"Yes, dear." She said casually. "It's me. But, I want you to stay right here and don't move, do you understand?"
He nodded numbly before barely realizing that it was pitch black outside and she probably could not see him, but before he could open his mouth to answer she responded. "Good."
Then Jeremy realized why his mother did not want him to move. They were standing in the middle of a tight knit circle of red eyes. He quickly counted ten pairs before losing count...he knew without counting there were at least 15 more surrounding them and countless others creeping from their shadowy hiding places. They circled like hungry hyenas, growling but not yet attacking, mocking the weakness of their prey. A howl erupted from the dark, and then another, each beast joining until their noise was almost deafening. Just as Jeremy moved to place his hands over his ear, the first one attacked low and fast. The blade whistled, and the rain started.
The warm rain.
The sticky wet rain.
Jeremy ducked to the ground and covered his eyes as they came from every angle, growling and snorting but above all yelping. Yelping as a mother protected her son.

Jeremy cowered with his hands over his eyes feeling the wet sticky blood falling in fat droplets upon him. The thick darkness embraced him, blanketed him, and comforted him. He was lucky that the darkness blinded him from the death that surrounded him, he might have saw a demon women dancing in the night with a fabulous sword as her partner. A fat piece of meat slapped him in the forehead and stuck there, he removed his hands long enough to swipe it away. The sword seemed to whistle faster as they danced, the beasts howled louder, yelped louder as they danced. After what seemed like several years to Jeremy but was in truth just several seconds the battle ended with a whistle that finished with a final yelp intensified by the silence that had suddenly overtaken them.

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