The Lesson pt 5 by Diron Bates

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Each side continued to flap spasmodically before falling pitifully over the edge leaving a trail of blood in its wake. It no longer screamed.
Jeremy scrambled to his feet still fumbling with his pouch and ran towards his mother as the beasts began to shoot like arrows through the air.
"Get down!" his mother yelled, and he dropped onto the cool stone once again.
She jumped into the air and onto the back of one startled beast. It had little time to react before she plunged her blade through its spine and leaped through the air after another. Swinging the sword with wild precision she beheaded one of the monstrosities before rotating in mid air and plunging the sword through the heart of another. The beast began thrashing, madly snapping at her face and jugular but she firmly held the sword in place. His mother then dipped her head away from the beast's jaws and yanked the blade aggressively downward through flesh and bone until the sword was free. The beast fell limply to the stone platform next to the head and body of its fallen brethren. His mother landed once more, eyes scanning the breezeless air above them as the creatures swarmed like an angry hive of hornets.

Jeremy was wondering how much longer his mom could defend them when he felt something snag his ankle. He looked down and into the eyes of the beast that his mother had pierced through the back during her wild melee. Though its arms were slender and its fingers irregularly elongated, its grip was powerful. Its severed spine jutted awkwardly through its skin but it still eagerly pulled Jeremy hungrily towards its blood filled open mouth. Its tongue lashed impatiently and licked the small amount of Jeremy's leg that was exposed from under his jeans. The touch of its tongue was hot, almost painfully hot, sandpapery and sticky. He kicked his leg but the creature held on, tightly pulling Jeremy closer. Something then streaked past Jeremy's face so rapidly that he saw nothing; he only felt the breeze as it passed and heard the whistle as it came. His mother's sword entered at an angle through the creature's forehead, exited through its throat and embedded itself into the ground below. Blood began to run from the creature's eyes and nose while its tongue flipped about still stubbornly searching for its meal. The grip on Jeremy's ankle tightened painfully and then released. He kicked his leg out of arms reach of the creatures grasp and scooted away.
He looked back over at his mother; she was standing a short distance away from him, her throwing arm outstretched, still holding her throwing position as she had perhaps been trained to do. Seeming to realize his mother's vulnerability the creatures began to attack with no restraint. She cart wheeled by the first attack missing evisceration by mere inches and somersaulted over another like an Olympic gold medallist. Landing on her feet she sprinted towards the sword, ripped it from the beasts skull and rolled onto one knee. The sword flicked through the air and three more beasts fell with their blood hanging like a fine mist above her.
More of the beasts began to fly up from the abyss and join into the screaming feeding frenzy.

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