The Lesson pt 6 by Diron Bates

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The man that stood before them was a tall elegantly dressed African American. His neatly trimmed goatee and perfectly cornrowed hair made him resemble a page taken out of GQ magazine.
"They can be so troublesome." He said as he brushed at his smooth black suit until every noticeable particle of dust had been swept away. The man's voice was as silky as his dress and as elegant as his demeanor. He extended his arm outwards in order to display a beautifully crafted diamond encrusted watch that was either white gold or platinum, he stared at the face of the timepiece before looking at Jeremy and smiling. His smile was intensely white as if he was no stranger to having his teeth bleached on a regular basis, it was a smile that elicited only one response, Jeremy smiled back.
"You're early," he said happily before casting a fleeting look back at his watch, "And by a couple of years!" The man took a few steps toward Jeremy; Jeremy took an untrusting step backwards.
"Who are you?" Jeremy asked, and the man continued to walk towards him smiling brightly. As the stranger opened his mouth to answer Jeremy's mother thrust her sword in front of him barring the way to her son. The man threw his hands up, shoulder level in what seemed to be genuine surprise.
"Blasphemer!" his mother spat viciously. The man arched his eyebrow as if pondering the word before finally answering Jeremy's question.
"No, Dantrel, though I cannot truthfully say that I have not been called that before." He chuckled, but Jeremy could not share in Dantrel's amusement because he didn't even know what a "blas-fi-mer" was. The man sighed in frustration and tried to move closer to Jeremy, his mother countered by moving the sword to Dantrel's neck. Dantrel jabbed a thumb towards Jeremy's mother.
"Has she always been this protective?" he asked.
"Only as long as I've known her." Jeremy replied.
"Hm...and what a wonderful boy to be protective over!" he said, and Jeremy saw Dantrel's hand reach out as if to pinch his cheek but then stop as he realized that such an action may not be very wise in his current predicament.
"Well, are you ready?" he inquired.
"For what?" Jeremy asked. Dantrel chuckled to his mother, but she didn't seem amused, the sword at his neck stayed steady.
"Can you believe that? ‘For what' he asks! For only the biggest moment of your life, you get to meet your master! The master of us all!" Dantrel backed away from the sword and spread his arms wide.
"He is the King of all of this that you see around you! He rules over all above and all below! HE is the PRINCE of earth!" He proclaimed enthusiastically.
"He has prepared for you a seat of power. He wishes to enlist you as one of his generals in an army that will tremble the HEAVENS! You will be adorned with the finest of things! Though we do have a slight temperature problem that we are trying to work out," he loosened the collar of his shirt, "this is still the grandest place to live where you can explore your every innermost whim and pleasure! Nothing to hold you back, nothing to feel bad regrets my brethren, no regrets!"
As she stood and watched, listening to this ‘Dantrel' spewing forth lies and propaganda, she noticed Jeremy's eyes.

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