The Lesson pt 6 by Diron Bates

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How they widened. She said nothing, she only listened, this decision was Jeremy's, and Jeremy's alone. Oh, how she hated rules.

Jeremy pondered the decision that was put before him. A general in an army! Everything he ever wanted, no feeling bad. He longed for a seat of power as most men in their hearts lust for greatness. His decision was no struggle; he smiled at Dantrel and nodded his head. His decision was made. Dantrel jumped, a shocked look plastered upon his face. He then began clapping happily.
"It is finished then! We will leave right away!" Dantrel announced.
"Son" she said softly, but Jeremy refused to meet her eye, refused to acknowledge her presence. "Is this what I have taught you?" She pleaded. No response but silence. Dantrel watched their one sided exchange with obvious amusement.
"I believe you have taught him well, mother. Very well, indeed. The world has taught him well!" He smiled widely and walked beside Jeremy, leaving his mother feeling powerless. Dantrel placed his arm around his new pupil.
"Do you have a gift for the master?" Dantrel asked Jeremy. Jeremy shook his head.
"What is a better gift that I can give then myself?" he asked.
"Blood. There is no better gift then a sacrifice." He said devilishly. "A blood sacrifice." Dantrel was now looking hatefully at his mother. Jeremy nodded his agreement; his mother crouched low in anticipation of attack, her sword up and ready. Her body was bathed in blood, her soul bathed in anguish. With this day may come the need to take her sons life. The tear that touched her cheek was barely noticeable and short lived. How could this happen, how did everything go so terribly wrong?
"I can't kill her." Jeremy said. Dantrel looked wildly at him.
"Why not?" he asked, his voice suddenly changing, becoming noticeably deeper and slightly menacing. Jeremy looked at him awkwardly then pointed at the blade that his mother held in her hand.
"Have you ever seen her use that?" he questioned and Dantrel shrugged.
"That toothpick?" he walked towards his mother and the sword sang its song, its song that consisted of one note, one word, and one sound. This time however the song was prematurely silenced as Dantrel miraculously caught the wrist of the arm holding the sword. Jeremy's mouth dropped in awe; he had found his mother's match. Dantrel then grabbed her by the throat with his free hand and hoisted her into the air. His mother batted at him continuously with her hand, but she might as well have been attacking stone. Dantrel laughed gleefully at his mothers attack.
After several moments she finally relinquished her attacks and let her exhausted arm fall limply to her side. Dantrel looked back at Jeremy, his face had changed. His eyes were now glowing a brilliant red, and his brilliant white teeth had grown three times fold but still remained brilliant and white. His hair squirmed upon his head and rattled like poisonous serpents.
"You can take her head as a gift to the master!" he snarled, his voice had now changed completely, it sounded like a rock rolling across a paved surface; there was now nothing human about it. "I only want her heart!" Dantrel said before a long forked tongue sprang forth from his maw and licked his lips. Thick strands of drool ran freely from the corner of his mouth and onto his pristine black suit. He turned back and faced his mother. Jeremy said nothing, showed no regrets just as Dantrel had promised.
As Dantrel leaned his eager face towards her as if offering nothing more then a kiss, she sighed. She had served long, and she had served well, if this was her time to go, she would not go screaming. Not her. His mouth opened, its inside seemed as dark as the abyss.