Victor's Adventure by Michael Vance

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SUMMARY: This Story is about a very rich man and he gets taken to another world he loves it and he meets these creatures.He likes what he sees and he wants to takes some some with him.

Victor's Adventure
By: Michael Vance

There was this man, he lived in a very ancient house. The man's was Victor Travis the second and he was very rich. One day while Victor was out in is humongous garden, he spotted something very unusual moving around in the mud. Passerby were giving him nasty and disgruntled looks. Victor is a very rich man, he do not like sharing and of his money to anyone not even charity. He was one of those people that don't like anybody to talk to him and even go on his property. Back in the house Molly Victors maid was busy making him a cup of green tea, because it was his favorite, when she was distracted by something very small creeping through the floor with a very muddy body. Standing very still and very quiet. Molly saw the creatures moving along the hardwood floor and they were making a very loud noise when they are walking across the floor. Molly was very confused because she thought to herself that she saw the creatures running around the house with their little naked bodies. I must be hallucination or just she is very tired," said the maid to herself.

Back outside Victor was sure enough that he just saw something moving in the mud again. Victor was right. When he was about to dig some more, he was being pulled into the mud, face first. The creature that were pulling Victor they were talking to each other in some strange language that Victor never heard before in his life. The sun was going down , and it was getting very cold and Victors glasses was starting to get foggy. The mud around him was very wet. He was getting very uncomfortable because his cloths was sticking to him and his shoes were filled with ants and other bugs that he didn't want to think about right now. Victor hated bugs because if he gets bitten by ants he would turn all rashy , the first time Victor got bitten by ants was when he was in Elementary School, in grade 2. It was very dark and Victor did not have problem seeing were they were going. Victor is in his old age and it was very hard on his back, begin pulled like that can damage his back and. He wouldn't be able to walk again. He asked the creatures that were pulling him, where they were taking him. "They answered and said they were, taking him to there world". For there King.

By this time , Victor was checking his watch and it was 2:30. The creatures were now laughing and Victor wanted to know what they were laughing at. They explained that they were laughing at him because he has very pointed ears like the elf's from Lord of the Rings and very pointed fingers like the hobbits and it was all true. The creatures where very weird looking they had flat faces, like they have ran face first into a brick wall and also little beards. It was getting very boring underneath the earth. There was loads of worms, antes and also maggots. It was time for Victor was transforming into a wolf because the full moon was up. You might be saying to yourself, how could the full moon be up. It will be really hard to see it thought the earth.

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