Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 16G-Crow's Father by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 16G-Crow's Father

"Ok, Crow", he said, "listen to me. The first thing is go through that doorway over there and get some tests taken. It will be a medical check up and you will be given some things to wear and use. That will take about two days and I can't help you. You've got to do it yourself OK? I will be out here waiting."

"OK." Crow said meekly and headed for the door wearing the dark fur like a robe that reached to the ground. Crow turned and came back to Tobal. He reached inside the robe and pulled out a rumpled letter and handed it to him.

"This is for you", he said and then disappeared through the doorway into the med center.

Tobal unfolded the mangled envelope and stared at the writing on the front as a chill swept up his spine and he shivered violently. Written faintly with pencil in an erratic hand were the words: "To the son of Ron and Rachel Kane."

Tearing the letter open Tobal puzzled out the crabbed hand writing.

"You don"t know who I am", the letter began, "But I am a friend of your mother and father. This is my grandson, Crow of whom I am very proud. He is much more than he seems. I am sure you will take care of him just as I took care of both your mother and your father in their own time of trial. I trained both of them and grew to love them very much. It was I that hand fasted them together and taught them the mysteries of bi-location and shamanism."

"I've told Crow many stories about your mother, father and their work. He will tell you these stories when the time is right. But he knows them as the Lord and Lady. He also knows what lies hidden at the lake. He doesn't know directly but will recognize it when he is there. I hope this will help your search for the truth. I owe your mother and father that much. I wish I could do more. There is help coming and justice will prevail, you must believe that. Some things simply take time! We will meet when the time is right and your questions will be answered."

Brightest Blessings,

Howling Wolf"

Tobal was stunned. He sat on a cot and reread the letter in the dim light. He wanted to tear open the door and find Crow. Only the certain knowledge that the processing area would not allow such a thing prevented him from such hasty action. He was forced to think things through and the more times he read the letter the more cryptic it seemed to him.

He realized Crow couldn"t answer any direct questions about his parents but only relate stories about the Lord and Lady , whoever they were. Also, while Crow knew something about the lake, the letter said he would recognize it when he saw it and not be able to talk about it directly. For the first time Tobal wished he had the freedom to meet Howling Wolf in person and learn the truth about his parents. That was not possible right now and he was committed to his current course.

Tobal thought back on his meeting with Crow. He had introduced himself as "Tobal" and not "Tobal Kane". How had Crow known to give him a letter addressed simply to "The Son of Ron and Rachel Kane?" Had Howing Wolf somehow known he would be here and be the one Crow would find? Or had the girls told Crow who he was and that he would be coming soon.

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