Repetitions by Babylon the Bride

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Bet you didn't know that. He called you a puffed up princess. Ha. I should set you straight on that. I would. But it wouldn't change anything.
Nothing changes anything.
He whispered in my ear, you know? He said how much he liked my "natural ways". But then he came over to pick me up and I took too long. And when I finally came down, you were both laughing and he was looking into your violet eyes. I said, "Richard". But you were laughing so softly that he didn't hear me. They all stop hearing me. Again and again and again.
Don't start that stupid melody again, you know you'll never learn to play it right, do you want to drive me INSANE? You can't play, you can't sing, you can't write. You never had a single talent in your life, Kat, except for stealing. And that's what you were doing when you were laughing for him. You knew he'd hear you...
I never should have asked him over. I make the same mistakes over and over again. I knew it after Alex and I knew it after Marc but I keep forgetting. My memory's so bad, Kat. It's so bad. I forget everything important. I forget what a bitch you are. What else have I forgotten?


Kat, get the fuck away from the piano. It's enough, d'you hear. It's enough that you've been torturing me forever with that idiotic ba-ba-ba-ba-da-bum. It's enough that you make sure I'm in the room and looking whenever you steal them. It's enough that you take everything from me smiling, smiling till I die with hatred. It's enough that I'll never be free while you're still around and and STOP LAUGHING AT ME YOU BITCH, I'm not holding that thing for fun!

It's so quiet.

Black. That's not good. That carpet was expensive, Mama will have a fit. Kat, is it hard to get that stuff out of the carpet? You always know everything, don't you? Come on.
Mama will kill me.

Oh God, now you're making me laugh. You make everyone laugh. I guess you do have a talent after all. Make me laugh!

No, you won't. You don't want to. I can't blame you.

Another bullet in that gun. Papa always has two in them, in case he misses the first time round, he says.
Tell me, did it hurt?
And is it good where you are?


Oh God...
Kat, get away from that piano, I beg you. I know it's you.
But we can't go on like this.
We can't go on like this.