Prologue by Carl Hiscox

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SUMMARY: a first and very ruff draft of my prologue, for a story which i dont know where its going :P (the first paragrph has had a slight update)


The day had started as any other but with the events that followed I wish it had stayed that way. I wandered through the green fields and down the silver stream. Most of the day I played warrior games, being Freneor battling the Grey Mountain goblins, and then Brumswick single-handedly slaying his step-brother and his twenty wicked companions. The thought of being a warrior had always appealed to me but not a normal warrior I wanted to be like one of those from my father's stories. I never tired of hearing tales of ages past, of handsome princes on noble steeds and the rescue of impossibly beautiful princesses.
After a few hours of play hunger drove me home, but I knew that aunt would not have the evening meal ready for hours so I took the long way which would lead me along the river. On the stream I found a spot perfect for skimming a few stones on the water.
. Soon after scoring 6 jumps I heard the distant sound of yelling and cursing and with my mind still active from my morning of swordplay I became frightened and quickly scrambled up the nearest tree hoping I wouldn't be spotted. From my vantage point in the tree a women came into view sporting ripped clothes and a bloody face whom was being hastily pursued by four horsemen all clad in dazzling silver armour. They looked liked the knights of tales not the murdering tyrants they were. I watched as the men caught up with the women and made a circle around her. I was only twelve but I could not hide and watch a helpless women be abused by these men, so I jumped down from my safe haven in the tree and yelled
All four men turned to face me and looked at me with eyes of malice, I felt like they were staring into my souls and that they could read my every thought. And fear.
Then all four men started laughing, not the laughter of joy but the laughter of evil and that was the moment I knew I was going to die.
A light exploded in my eyes and I knew I must have been struck on my face. I lay on the floor seeing the point of the warriors sword ready to plunge into my heart and steal my life, I was saved however when one of the silver men shouted something. The noise was muffled but even in my state I could tell there was desperation in his voice. Approaching was another man in silver armour and the mildest hope of being saved I had was dashed but as the rider approached I noticed he sported no helm like the four attackers and I could see his shoulder length blonde hair blowing as he raced towards us. The four dismounted warriors drew swords and advanced slowly and somewhat reluctantly towards the blonde haired man.
I got to my feet and was going to run, then I remembered the women. I raced to her body and turned her over and her deathly pale eyes stared straight at me. She was dead. I began to run but my head was still spinning after I was struck and my legs buckled. I heard a horse galloping towards me and not for the first time that day I thought I was going to die. I closed my eyes in prayer when I was suddenly lifted by a powerful arm which placed me in front of the rider.

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