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SUMMARY: An algorithm and me!

Let me concentrate on the problem.
Computer Fundamentals - 101
Write an algorithm that can 'think'? - 10 marks
Leave it to my cranky professor to give such a question for the internal surprise quiz.
"For Gods sakes this is computer fundamentals and he asks us to write an algorithm that thinks", I heard my neighbor cribbing.
But here I was already in my dream world.
How can I quantify thought, only if I am able to quantify thought can I write algorithm to represent it.

We think a lot of stuff, the brain is most times overloaded.
When I have to concentrate on this test, I think of the girl sitting in front of me, Why does she not notice me?.
I think about my house, Why does my Parents not buy me that new bike?
I think about my future, When am I going to earn my first million?
I think of this old professor who cold calls me all the time, he knows that I don't listen in class why does he have to ask the questions, sick sadist! And again he embarrasses me in front of this girl.
I think of the money in my pocket. I have a few coins and some scraps of paper (not money, it is just random notes to increase the bulk of my wallet) in my wallet.
How will I be able to hangout with the rich kid, he spends too much and expects the same from us. Oh crap, I think too much! I am going to flunk! But I am sure none of the other guys will have a good answer to this.

"Sir, I have a doubt in this question?", somebody from the class asked.
Oh man somebody has a doubt in this also, talk about studious, he probably wants to know how many lines the algorithm should be written in.
The professor looked up from his front desk, "Yes".
"This is out of syllabus"
"OK tell me what is inside the syllabus"
"Huh! The first 3 chapters of computer fundamentals by Morris Mano, thats all you have taught till now"
"Yes they are chapters on history of computing, Von Neumann machine, etc, and binary arithmetic, but this question precedes all of those and is a primary requirement in the process of computing, don't you 'think' this is a fundamental requirement".
Was that a pun, please dont say pun not intended!!
"Huh! But computers don't think?!".
"Well sir did I teach you that!!!", the professor.
Oh so he did intend the pun and he answered the question with a trick question, 'Yes' he has to answer the question and 'No', the professor jumps at his throat for not listening in class.
The studious student was smart at least, he did not fall for it and sat down.

We 'think'. How?! Should I draw the schematic diagram of my brain?, but I don't know that, I am not a biology student. I always loose to chess engines. Now how can it win unless it thinks. Chess does have a quantifiable surface 8x8 squares, probably it has a database with all possible moves. But it still has to choose the best move to match mine, the computers does loose to chess masters. But still it thinks enough to beat me, so it does cognize what I do and produces a counter move.

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