Thinking Algorithm by Siva Vg

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So what does it do, it probably has my most recent move and current state of the square as input to its engine. The engine probably looks at the database to find what move would be best and most profitable for the current situation.

'So what is thinking?', can we think in vacuum where there was no preceding or following event that has or will take place. Unless the thought process has an input from the previous event it will not be able to 'think'.
I stood up, "Excuse me, Sir".
"The problem is crystal clear, but...".
"Give me an input specification to the program and sample output specification, even programming contests get them"
He stared at me for sometime and took the attendance register, "Whats your register number?"
Great! So he is going to throw me out and mark something in his register. I told him.
"Can you please get out of this hall?", the Professor.
I slowly walked out.
He met me at the door and whispered, "Dont leak the answer. I have given you full marks. Lets see what others have to answer for this stupid question"