A Job Well Done! by John Cave

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SUMMARY: You never know what kind of reward you'll receive for a simple repair job.

A Job Well Done
John Cave


At three o'clock in the afternoon the first of the radio newsflashes came through that a large metallic silver craft of some kind had landed in a school playing field on the outskirts of my home town of Huyton in Liverpool. At first there was a strange silence in the street as if someone had somehow frozen time itself. Then people started to run into the street and jump into their cars and vans. Clearly the news had appeared on T.V. as well as announced on the radio. My first thought was to do like-wise and jump into the car, but I realised that it was going to be just as quick on foot so I started running. I couldn't remember ever running this fast before and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, but I simply had to see it.
As I rounded the corner of the street that lead to the school, I ran into the massive throng of people that had gathered to get a look at the craft.
"What's it like?" I asked the first person I met in the crowd.
"Dunno!" he said angrily "this is the closest I could get," he pointed at the ground " but I think the craft has opened some kind of door, at least that's what I heard from the crowd".
"I'm going to try and get a bit closer" I said but I wasn't sure how as there was no way through the crowd.
Just then a voice boomed out as if it had been sent through some loud speaker,
"Is there someone called James Cave in this crowd anywhere?"
I couldn't believe it, someone wanted me!
"I'm here" I shouted at the top of my voice. Suddenly the crowd parted, and I could see right up to the craft. Slowly I walked toward the craft, it was cylindrical in shape with a pointed front end and two up-turned fins at the back end of the craft. It stood on the ground by means of two folding legs that stretched from the back underneath and one leg at the front that faced forward.
As I approached the last hundred yards to the craft a tall man approached me,
"Are you James Cave?" he asked.
"Yes" I replied "What's going on?"
"My name is Brian McElhinney. The being that you can see in the doorway up there asked me to ask you what kind of ship this is!"
"How the hell am I supposed to know" I replied.
"He told me to tell you to concentrate".
As I looked past Brian I could see a strange glowing human-like creature at the doorway to the craft. I concentrated on the ship for a while.
"It's a Stirrock class battle-cruiser with twin anti-matter warp and worm-hole generators. It has a massive armoury and multi-layer weapon platforms. How the hell did I know that?" I asked impatiently.
"Did you feel that you had to be here today?" He asked but the smile told me he already knew the answer.
"They have scanned our planet from space and found the most powerful mind, yours. They have spent the last two months filling your brain with untold information and now they need your help." At this point the smile left his face for the first time since we met.
"They are beings of light and have no physical presence and need a physical being to help regenerate their planets mainframe before it destroys their entire civilisation.

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