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SUMMARY: Ram, Siva and the Easter Egg(Easter-egg is a term used in the world of computers to denote something hidden in a software on purpose to identify the author/creator of the software). The software is used in an analogy to our human body in this story.

Ram typed the keywords to find the location.
After ten minutes the system returned "Too many matches found, cannot continue".
"Oh crap! shows too many..need to narrow it down... biology was never my strong subject...", Ram was frustrated.
"Did Hanuman have a keycode to search Seetha in Lanka?", Siva in his usual sarcasm referencing Hanuman the mythical god-figure from the Ramayana.
"They were gods", Ram believed in God.
"Tell me why we are doing this?", Siva was loosing his patience.
"Don't you want to find your ancestry?", Ram.
"Why? I know my ancestry. My father is the ...", Siva started.
"I know that... but don't you want to know why we came to be? what is our purpose? where we go from here?", Ram
"Oh that! As I told before, I re-iterate again, you are an idiot! What do you hope to find? You think some superior being will come in front of you and say your purpose in life? Why you want a purpose? aren't you happy the way you are?", Siva.
"Our Granpa has gathered this database. All we have to do is find out where it is.", Ram ignoring Siva's Insult.
The Vyasa Consultants - a massive conglomerate of software products and consultancy was founded by Ram and Siva's Grand father.

Ram learned about Easter eggs from his Grand father. A virtual Easter egg is a hidden message or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, or video game. The term draws a parallel with the custom of the Easter egg hunt observed in many western nations.

"...if we find the easter egg...", Ram.
Siva was smirking with sarcasm.
"...we will find documentation in the code and find the author I assume...", Siva.
"May be we can find the documentation in code explaining the behavior of the code... because I think this is a behavior in code... that is left behind by the creator to identify them...", Ram not bogged down by the sarcasm.
"...Man this is not software...", Siva.
"...may be it is... in fact a computer is a good analogy.... a computer is a combination of software, hardware, and firmware... is it not?", Ram.
"..May be...", Siva mocking Ram.
"...think of it this way...Men provide the software that is the operating system ....through sexual intercourse... the women have the hardware and firmware.... and a workstation is born .. a baby...", Ram.
" ....We are Mac OS X... the Linux guys must be the unhappy guys...", Siva showing his callous attitude.
"...the base of both is the original Unix is open source that is common to be found... the other is proprietary...", Ram.
"...uh..OK all that is long are we going to search...I am bored and I have other important work...", Siva.
"...remember our Granpas habits...the quirk some the way he used to look above his specs while facing down.. we are looking for such habit forming sequences in the genetic code... the easter eggs.. may be in those places...", Ram ignoring Siva's impatience.
"But some of the genes are mutations and hand me downs... if you are looking for the easter egg then it has to be in one of the original genetic codes...", Siva.
"You re right...

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