Oblividon by Gregory Harvey

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When Reece Gail pulled into the bare, bordering on desolate, all night convenience store parking lot, the clock in his car read 10:51 pm. 10:51 pm meant that he was already late by exactly one hour and fifty-one minutes, as his wife, Chelsea, wanted him home by nine. And why was he so late? Because Reece Gail, married for five years, father of one daughter, had stayed back at work in order to screw around with the nineteen year-old secretary whom the boss had just hired. But it was okay, what Chelsea didn't know wouldn't hurt her, right? Right. And besides, Reece was still entertaining grandiose ideas of getting back in time to score a little from Chelsea as well.
It was this thought that was going through his mind as he stepped out onto the uneven bitumen of the parking lot, swinging the car door shut behind him. Reece didn't bother locking it. After all, what was going to happen in the thirty seconds it would take for him to walk in and buy his cigarettes?
His boots clicked against the bitumen as he made his way to the store's entrance. As he walked in Reece was instantly confronted by the unexpected light. In fact he even had to pause to let his eyes readjust. When they did, Reece approached the counter.
Sitting dutifully behind it was a girl who he wouldn't have placed at any more than seventeen, which probably meant she went to the college just up the road. She had a moderately large chest and, from what Reece could see, one hell of a nice ass. If it was wasn't for time constrainst he would've liked to get a piece of that too...
"Can I help you, sir?" She asked.
Reece smiled mischievously at being referred to as ‘Sir'. What a well-mannered little slut...
"Just give us a pack of Peter Jackson's, would ya' luv?" He asked, still smirking.
She nodded obediantly, before turning to get the cigarettes. As she did so, Reece's eyes dropped immediately to her posterior. The girl was quick grabbing the cigarettes, however, and Reece was almost caught in the act as she swung back around. He handed over a twenty and waited for her to give him his change, which she was also quick to do.
"Merry Christmas... well in an hour or so anyway," the girl said, smiling mostly to herself.
"Yeah," Reece replied, scooping the change hastily into his wallet, "You too."
Stuffing the cigarettes haphazardly into his pocket, Reece left the store and went back out into the parking lot. Suddenly a sinking feeling had come over him. What had the girl said? Merry Christmas? Shit! Chelsea had told him, nay, ordered him, to do the Christmas shopping today.
Fucking christ! He thought, What toy store would be open at eleven fucking o'clock?
Reece swung he car door open violently, having to put his hand out to stop it bouncing back, and crawled into it. He sat behind the wheel. Two hours late, after just having screwed the secretary, and he had no Christmas presents! But he had the cigarettes... Reece hauled the new packet out of his pocket and tore it open. He lit one of the cigarettes and shoved it into his mouth.

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