Crow: the Wrong Believer chapter 2 by Colin Spade

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SUMMARY: this chapter tells of how Crow is now wanted by the Queen of Black Angel and how once they were lovers.

Chapter 2

The young Queen, Nephenee Chedon is a beautiful woman and renowned for her smarts in tactical combat. Also, she was nearly the exact opposite of her mother Alicia Chedon. Nephenee possessed a soft heart and wanted to do everything good for her people and anything she meant. At the age of nineteen she was forced to be wed to a prince she never saw until the day of her wedding, she had to agree to the marriage, for it was the only way she could possess the entire continent without blood shed, this was the first anything she wanted to accomplish. Although, when she saw her husband to be she grew sick to her stomach. His face was much disfigured from a birthmark on his face; the whole left of his face was a bulge of a blend of brown and purple. The left eye swollen shut the left of his lips bulged extremely. And, through it all, he was an evil man. When he caught anybody staring at his face from afar he would have them executed. After their marriage, the new King, Aldwolf Raminare, declared new laws and rose taxes to the point where only nobles could reach.
A year passed and the Queen grew to hate the man she married. She loathed the way he ruled and for the past year she had no say in what he changed or rose. She was one of the only Chedon's that possessed a heart to love all, but even so, she possessed a small portion of her mother's dark heart. She wanted to get rid of the king and once again rule her kingdom. She mused on many ways; poison, assassin, or make his death look like an accident. She was reaching to an agreeable way to dispose of him, until she was told that Aldwolf collapsed in the meeting room, dead.
For a long while no one knew why he died. It took only a few hours to determine the cause of death; it was not a digested poison, but a poison his body created. His birth mark contracted a virus that poisoned him from the inside. The brain was first to be attacked and he died instantly; he knew not he caught the virus for there was no warning, not even an infection. Two days later he was buried next to the tower, no funeral was held by the order of Nephenee. She shown false rue for her fallen husband, she had to show she cared, if she did not the people would think she killed the King. She was declared Queen once again and lowered the taxes king Raminare raised.
Now, almost twenty years later, she still possessed her beauty and youth, she looked as if she was covered in a barrier not affected by time. Her ocean green eyes radiated her youth, her long flowing hair golden and braided at both temples to show she was the highest ranking in her field. She wore a regal dress of blue and green hues with a golden necklet and jewelled rings. Nephenee sat in her high backed chair high above the city in a tower that looked to touch the stars. The room, the throne room was on the top floor. The room was long and round, the floor a sparkling dark marble. A balcony was placed to her left facing the city and the rising sun. Standing next to Nephenee was a man with hair as white as pure and eyes as menacing as a ferocious lion.

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