Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 18F-Romance in the Air by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 18F-Romance in the Air
He cleared a spot for sleeping in one of the teepees and spread some furs on the floor. He put more wood on the fire in the center and pulled his clothes off. He was sliding in between his blankets when the door flap on the teepee opened with a gust of cold air and in the fire light he saw Becca slip in through the door and reclose it. She turned toward him and in a husky voice asked, "Can I sleep here tonight?"

Wordlessly he sat up and took her pack setting it down to one side. He helped her out of her furs and she slid under the blankets with him feeling warm and smooth against his body. Their hands stroked and explored each other gently and then with more urgency. She moaned and gasped at his touch. His body thrilled at her touch. Soundlessly their lips merged and later their bodies joined in an explosion of uncontrolled passion.

Tobal woke up to the crackle of the flames in the fire. Becca's arm was across his chest and she was cuddled up against him. He moved a little and she smiled but didn't wake up. He spent the next hour laying there looking at her face lying next to him. He didn't want to wake her up. He just wanted to remember forever.

Morning came and the flames died down to the point it was getting cold in the teepee when Becca finally woke up. Seeing she was awake he took advantage and slipped out of the blankets to stir up the fire and put more wood on it. Any other sleepers had already left for breakfast and they had the teepee to themselves. He was aware of her green eyes watching his naked body as he moved about the cold room and dived back under the blankets. She moved away from him.

"You're cold", she whispered. Her eyes laughing.

"Then warm me up", he challenged and she did. They missed breakfast, but hunger pangs forced them out for lunch.

The third day of the Yule festival was Sunny and bitter cold. But Tobal hardly noticed as he and Becca grabbed some food and headed over to watch the talent show. Melanie gave an impressive knife throwing exhibition that drew applause from the crowd and also a growing respect as she hit several thrown targets while they were still in the air. As she left the stage she saw them at the back of the room and moved toward them smiling.

"It's about time the two of you storm clouds got together", she teased. "Now maybe the rest of us can have some fun without getting rained on."

"Storm clouds?", Tobal asked puzzled.

"Don't give me any of that crap", she put her hands on her hips. "I've not only had to listen to you, but I've had to listen to her", and she pointed at Becca who was smiling. "When ever the two of you are within six feet of each other there is so much static electricity in the air that it makes my hair stand up and anyone elses that's was around you. The whole camp has been making bets on when the two of you would finally get together."

"It wasn't that bad was it?", he whispered to Becca.

She just nodded at him and kissed him.

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