Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 19C-The Federation and the City by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 19C-The Federation and the City
Tobal started. His uncle had said he was in charge of security, not that he had been Commander in charge of the entire project. There was obviously a lot his uncle had known about and not shared with him.

Ellen continued, "The military created a new program that allowed no children or elderly unless they were physically fit enough to make it through the three degree system. It was simply a system designed to create recruits for the Federaton military. The thought was it created better soldiers.

The city of Heliopolis became a city of the elite ruled by the military, a city of supermen and superwomen if you will. The graduates were still human, very human but something about the training acted to eliminate dysfunctional areas within the psyche and built strong healthy individuals that could out compete the average person in all measured areas of health and competency. This continued several years until enough data was available to compare the graduates of the sanctuary program with special military forces. It was here they showed radical differences. The graduates of the sanctuary program did not do well in the normal military. Studies confirmed that military training suppressed the individual and forced conformance to a rigid authoritarian structure that was simply not endurable to the average graduate. The graduates of the sanctuary program were individuals and not team players.

It was at this point the Federation lost much of it's interest in the project and turned it back to civilian control. The Federation continued to recruit graduates for field operative positions and kept a mountain complex manned with military personnel for special training. They also agreed to share medical resources with the medics as they needed them.

Ellen stopped and looked around, "That was when the city was granted the right of self government. But only those that had completed the restructured sanctuary training were considered citizens with the right to vote. They voted to adopt the military's program in favor of the earlier program run by Ron and Rachel Kane. The earlier program had consisted of the creation of a village with children and old people as an important part of the social research that was going on. There was no more interest in the creation of another "village" in the wilderness. It was felt there were too many "Safety concerns".

The Citizens of Heliopolis maximized individual qualities under a loose structure of cooperative effort. The city itself gained in political power and influence even as it remained closed to normal trade and commerce. It's citizenry were active in the outer world owning companies and making directives that influenced world politics. They formed an elite pool of superior resources that fought for it's own place in world politics. It was whispered that government research continued at a nearby secret mountain complex where Special Ops field agents were trained."

"The rest was classifed and I couldn't get into it", Ellen said.

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