The Boy by Mal Kennrae

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SUMMARY: A kinda depressing story about a girl and a boy.

I held my little brothers hand as we walked down the street. The fall leaves crunched under our foot steps and the chill breezes flushed our cheeks.
We neared the busy street of Ballwin. Before I could do anything my brother broke free of my hand and started strait for Ballwin.
He liked cars so he started to chase after them. I ran after him shouting "No Dexter NO! The cars will hurt you! STOP! Don't go Dexter DON'T GO!"
I ran as hard as I could. I kept on shouting but he was fast.
Time seemed to slow down. Dexter looked at the cars then he ran out into traffic. A bus was coming. Fast. I saw the glee on his face that he was surrounded by cars. But then the bus hit him. His poor little body was mangled when it hit the ground.
"No," I shouted, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"
I ran out into traffic to but this time every one was stopped and looking at Dexter's dead body.
I ran to him. I feel to my knees and cried over his dead and bloody body. Behind me I could here soft murmurs "oh my how tragic", "the poor girl" and "some one call 911"
Two big hands came around me. They lifted me from my brother's body and set me on the grass that was next to the road. I faught against the hands and kicked hard. When they gently set me down I stopped fighting and rolled on my side and cried. Every thing was a blur from then on. I remember my parents showing up. And the Ambulance picked up my little brothers body and took it away. The man who hit my brother was taken away in cuffs. I remember a little what the boy who set me on the grass looked like.
He was around my age with black hair and beautiful brown eyes. I'll always remember him.
Every day after school would go and sit by the road where Dexter was killed. I was a changed person after that. I didn't talk much. The only friend that I had now was the boy who took care of me after my brother was killed. Sometime he would come and sit by the road with me. He'd hold my hand or comfort me in small ways.
I wasn't the happy peppy girl I used to be. I wore a lot of black, red and other dark colors. My nails were ether black or blood red.
One day after school the boy and I were sitting by the side of the road holding hands. It was a year ago this day that my brother was killed. The boy turned to me. "Do you want to go to the Fall Fling with me?"
I looked at him confused. Why would he think that I would want to go to a social event? I was unsocial. And I liked it.
"Please will you go with me? You will have fun I promise you. Please will you go with me?" he looked sincere. I sighed defeated.
I nodded and gave him a small smile. He grinned back at me. Then he looked at me funny. He leaned in slowly then his lips gently brushed mine. His kiss lingered on my lips.
When I looked at him again, I new that every thing was going to be okay.