Out Of The Frying Pan (Human, Part 1) by Keith Kitchen

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SUMMARY: When Dave woke up in a hospital with amnesia, he was concerned, but after escaping from the hospital, which was a corporate war base and meeting the girl of his dreams whose father was his partner...all Hell broke loose.


In looking back, I probably would have ended up exactly where I am now. Maybe. It's so easy to look back with hindsight and say, "Yeah, that would have happened." Yeah, right. I keep looking back at everything that's gone down in the past year and I've been trying to analyze it all, to no avail. Maybe that's my problem. Perhaps I shouldn't be trying to analyze it at all. Perhaps I should be just living life. That's what Ben says I should do.

Of course, Ben usually has something to say about everything, whether it concerns him or not. As far as I'm concerned, not everything I do concerns him, but he looks at that from a quite different perspective. Ben and I have a very special relationship, quite unlike that of normal people. Now, don't get the wrong idea. I know in this modern world (or universe, depending on your point of view,) there are many types of relationships and you are probably already assuming something that isn't so. Maybe I shouldn't burst your bubble so early on, but if that's why you're planning on reading this story, you may want to rethink your decision. Of course, it is your decision and far be it for me to try to influence you, whoever you are.

If you've studied recent history of any type, then of course you're familiar with how Earth burst out of its millennia-old quarantine as imposed by the Rigellian Confederation and its allies, but as always, the entire story never comes out. I'm not even going to try to tell the whole story, just the beginnings of my insignificant part in it. Okay, so my part was just a little more than insignificant. Maybe even much more than that. Still, when it all started, I was just an intelligence analyst for the Terran World Government who occasionally went on field operations. If I hadn't volunteered for that last mission in the field, I would still have ended up where I am today but I would have gotten here in a far different manner.

Yet, I cannot help but feel that I was maneuvered somehow into taking that final mission. It was DigiTech, of course. If it had been any other Multinational WorldCorp, I wouldn't have been near as passionate about taking part in a field operation, but DigiTech has always held a dark spot in the deepest part of my soul as an outlet for my anger. Not once, not twice, but three times DigiTech tried to use force to depose the WorldGov and institute a new style of government and impose it on the Earth. Hey, I'm open-minded. If you don't like the current crop of criminals residing in New York, fine! Wait until Election Year and vote them out! Don't try Revolution. That's for final options only. I know from experience.

Okay, perhaps I'm a fine one to talk about Revolutions, seeing that I will always be associated with what is now called the Terran Revolution, but I insist it was a last resort. Intertwined with the Robot Wars, which incidentally sparked off the Terran Revolution against the Rigellian Confederation, I was dragged along by circumstances and the desire to find my wife who was kidnapped by the Denebians right before everything went to Hell.

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