Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 20B-Crisis at the Village by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 20B-Crisis at the Village
They were still talking about Wayne and Char when Tara and Nick showed up. Tara ran off looking for some friends leaving Nick to set up their shelter. Tobal, Kevin and Zee walked over and offered to help. Together they set the teepee up and worked in silence.

No one seemed to have much to share but it felt good anyway almost like old times. Tobal hadn't spent much time with Nick since he had trained him.

"You going to start training newbies soon?" He asked.

"Been thinking about it", Nick replied. "I just realized I could be stuck out here a really long time unless I start training people."

"That's funny", Zee replied. "We were just talking about that. How are you and Tara getting along?"

Nick mumbled something about "women" and the rest of them laughed.

"The winter gets pretty long sometimes", Kevin grinned and then kissed Zee hurriedly.

Zee just grinned and patted him on the butt. "Nick and Tara have had two more months of each other than we have. Maybe we should spend two more months together?"

"Goddess forbid", Kevin said feelingly and they both chuckled.

Tobal looked at the pair. They enjoyed each others company in a quiet way and enjoyed being away from each other too. He hoped it would work something like that for him and Becca.

Mike and Butch showed up about that time grumbling about girls. Tobal at last felt like he understood Mike and Butch. They were like brothers and his past month training and living with Tyrone had given him a taste of what that must be like. In a way he envied them for the fun they seemed to be having. Still, he had spent too much time alone and had learned to like it. Some company was good, too much drove him crazy. It seemed just about right to teach a newbie and then socialize at circle a bit. He remembered what Nick had said. He wasn't planning on spending the rest of his life in the woods either and neither was Becca.

There were three initiations, Tyrone's and two other newbies. They would all continue training next month.

At circle he sat next to Melanie and Becca after giving them each a hug and a kiss. To his surprise they moved apart and made room for him between them. They seemed glad to see him but were both moody and a bit irritable. He tried some light banter but it didn't work at all.

For the first time he wondered if they were both getting their periods. The more he thought about it and the monthly circles made him so curious he finally had to ask.

"I've heard that women living in nature tend to have their periods around the full moon. Is that true?" He asked curiously.

Both girls broke out laughing.

" Yes, it is common knowledge just about all the women in camp are having their periods at circle time", Becca told him. "The good news is they rarely last over three days and while uncomfortable they are not debilitating."

"I think it helps to live this rugged outdoors lifestyle and be in good health", Melanie suggested.

"Poor Butch and Mike", he shook his head mournfully.

That was too much and both girls burst out laughing.

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