3 In the Office of Dr. Reproba by Bruce Meyer

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The Atraville campus awoke to a day blown hard by a cold, dry wind. Tomma Torstig, Anika Perperam, and Earlen Uekte met early for a quiet breakfast in the dorm cafeteria. The three ate alone at a large, round table far away from the rest of the breakfast crowd, which was usually sparse anyway. The wind blew hard against the large picture windows of the cafeteria, causing the three to shiver from the cold draft, although they might have shivered anyway just from the topic they discussed.
"You really think that's why he was there?"
"I do."
"How do you know that?"
"They've been going to his classes."
"Why would they do that, I mean, being part of the Pravus?"
"Don't know, but they've been going for awhile."
"I think they went syntya jalleen."
"That's kind of bad, then."
"What are you thinking to do?"
"I think we should tell Reproba."
After grabbing their books and other things, the three made their way to the far west side of campus, entering the fifteen- floor massive brick physics building called Newton Hall. They took the elevator up to the top floor, where Dr. Trevor Reproba was busy preparing for lecture, and pounded on his office door. A few moments later, the professor opened the door to his luxurious, spacious office with an impatient scowl.
"We need to talk to you about a problem." Tomma began to tell him. Dr. Reproba's eyes narrowed as she continued, "It's about Joram Contendo and Nick Soek and syntya jalleen..."

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