A3 The Plan by Bruce Meyer

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Walking back from the meeting that evening, Tara Painia's round cheeks were shiny with tears, and Jake Toimia slumped low under the heavy load of both the news and of all of his books. Not everyone, though, was taking the news of Dr. Veritas' dismissal very quietly.
"I say we go destroy Reproba's office with OUR energy," said the fiery red- haired Delaney Etsia, shaking her fist up in the direction of the fifteen- floor physics building.
"We should all quit school with Veritas," said Cole Dexter.
"No we shouldn't," said Ethan Rectus walking stiffly straight, and obviously still angry about their earlier tiff. "We should petition the President and ask him to re-instate Veritas."
Delaney and Cole both scowled at that suggestion.
"I think a full feature article on Veritas may help the matter," said Brianna with a mischievous grin.
The others all voiced their agreement to that last idea, even Ethan.
Dominick Wysheid and Piper Kyuudou walked ahead of the group, talking in hushed tones with each other. Joram waited until Brianna, Dom, Piper, and the others had said goodbye and he and Nick were heading back towards their room alone. "We have to do something about the generator."
"I think Veritas tried to say something to Puhemies, the college president, about the generator, that's why he's out. So now we have to do something about it."
"What are you talking about?" Nick looked at Joram like he had the time when Joram tried to sell him rocks that were supposedly from Jupiter. "Why do we HAVE to do something about it?"
"Don't you remember what happened to us?"
Joram could tell by the disturbed look on his face that he remembered all too well. The darkness...the eyes...the pain...
"We should destroy that generator before it's energized. Otherwise we'll all end up there, in that place. You and I won't get out of it, you know. This whole campus will be in that place. Everyone."
"What do you think YOU'RE going to do?" Nick said staring at Joram's skinny arms compared with his own. "Do you think you're just going to go with some hammers or something and smash it? How are you going to destroy it? You can't even find it! We don't know where it is."
"Not just me, you're doing it too!"
Nick's eyes flashed. "No way! Do you know what you're dealing with? What do you think Reproba will do? The whole world's watching that generator. Veritas has already been kicked out of the college. Do you think we can just walk in and sabotage it or something? If we're caught it will be the end of our college days and our careers for sure."
"You were the first to get out, and now you're afraid?"
"Why are you backing out, then?"
"Cause I would rather graduate than go to jail."
"Do you remember that place? The darkness? Those eyes? The-"
Joram didn't need to say any more. Nick's face turned red and he looked down, "Yeah."
"What if they come here, to this campus?"
"How could they do that?" Nick looked up and glared at him, "That was a different place; it's not here."
Joram felt like he would have to hit his massive head with something particularly blunt.

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