Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 20C-The Council of Elders by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 20C-The Council of Elders
There was a chill silence in the group as her words sunk in. Then she continued.

"Right now we are monitoring the group and everyone is fine. I do hope someone comes back soon to prove they are not prisoners there. If no one comes back this month I will go there myself even though it is against orders" she declared. "Our current orders are to monitor the five clansmen but to stay away from the village itself. It is a tense situation at the base and we are all under severe reprimand for failing to carry out orders."

"This is causing resentment and revolt among us because we are supposed to be self governing with our Circle of Elders. We don't take orders from anyone else. The Council of Elders is not used to being told what it must do and what it must not do. Whoever was giving those orders gave them directly through our air sled terminals and the Council of Elders didn't know about it until it was too late."

Ellen continued, "The Council of Elders started asking questions and it was then that I, as a member of the circle of Elders came forward. I told the rest of the Elders what I had learned about Tobal's father and mother being responsible for the Sanctuary Program and also about the former military involvement. I told about the deaths of Ron and Rachel Kane and the massacre at the gathering spot with the mass grave."

She paused and cleared her throat. "I also mentioned Crow's parents had been buried there and possibly Sarah's mother. Then I told them Crow's grandfather, Howling Wolf, had built the cairn and knew the story behind it if they had more questions."

"I went on to tell about the increasing raids by rogues and how they were being blamed on the village. I explained how that was not possible because the rogue attacks were centered around the lake and not anywhere near the village itself. Then I told them about my patrols these past three months and how the rogues seem to know if anyone with a med-alert bracelet is around, even on an air sled. They always know far enough in advance that they are able to hide out of sight before I could get there. Even in the winter they left tracks in the snow but there were hardly any sitings by any of us and that was strange given so many tracks. Then I mentioned whenever I tried for a closer look at some of those tracks the dispatcher always radioed me with new orders."

"The entire Council of Elders was really listening to me by then", she said, " I really had their attention. I expressed my conviction that the rogues couldn't be villagers because the villagers didn't have any technology. The I reminded them of the rumors that the city was planning to take military action against the village because of these same rogue attacks. Something was not right. I told how Crow had found out about it and gone back to his village to warn them of a possible attack and massacre like what had happened at the lake. The Elders looked sharply at each other and there was electricity in the chamber.

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