Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 21B-Crashing the City Walls by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 21B-Crashing the City Walls
Tara and Nick were the next to join in the dance. Tara had always been into dance but this was the first time he had seen Nick get into it. Again Tobal was impressed at how the winter had matured Nick. Then he thought of the changes in his own life. He was not the child that had been dropped off at sanctuary almost a year ago. He realized he had been here one year and he still had one more newbie to train. He was not going to beat Rafe's record after all.

Looking around the room he spied Mike and Butch talking with some girls and urging them to dance. They were laughing and having fun. He figured that Mike and Butch were also looking for newbies.

Sarah,Anne, Derdre and Seth were still at the village with Crow. No one had seen them and there was some talk and concern among the clansmen that something was wrong. There were rumors and stories about members of the Elders council being put in jail. As far as Tobal could tell the rumors were about things that had happened last month and nothing new. Wanting to hear something new he looked around for Ellen and Rafe.

He spied Ellen over in a corner talking with Rafe and made a beeline toward them trying not to spill his tankard in the jostling crowd. At least it was warm in here he thought moving past bodies that smelled of wood smoke.

"We can't talk in here", he shouted to Ellen above the drum beat.

She nodded and shouted back, "We are meeting in the brewery in a few minutes."

Tobal nodded and went off to find Melanie, Becca and Nikki to tell them about the meeting. Their robes were still wet but warmer and they put them back on before dashing over to the brewery where they took them back off and found places around the fire to sit. They folded their robes and sat on them on the wooden floor.

Ellen and Rafe welcomed them and Ellen brought everyone up to date on what had been going on with the Council of Elders.

"We tried everything we could think of to contact the city government through the communications and computer systems we have access to". She said. "What happened was we were warned not to make contact with the city and just to mind our own business. The city will contact us when we are ready to become citizens. We are not part of the city yet and have no legal rights until we complete our training and become citizens."

"These messages were prominently displayed on each air sled monitor screen and on the computers at home base. No one even thought to come to us in person to explain or hear our concerns" she said bitterly.

"This did not sit well with the Council of Elders, especially since the arrest and questioning of the five of us that had been sent to the village. We were released but the Council of Elders now realized someone thought they had the power to arrest clansmen anytime they wanted and hold them without cause. They believed this same someone was responsible for the rogue attacks. The council wants to know why these things are happening and if they are happening with the approval of the city."

Ellen looked around the small group.

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