Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 21C-Tobal Meets Llana by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 21C-Tobal Meets Llana
"The Mayor then asked what the Council of Elders would like to have happen. I said the Council of Elders would like to ensure the safety of the villagers and Howling Wolf. They would like communication between the village and the city so they could monitor and address any abuses that were happening.

I mentioned this could be done by opening communication lines to the city from the base in the mountain where we were stationed. I concluded by saying this was a matter for the Elders of the village, the City Council and our own Council of Elders and there were many things that needed to be discussed and brought out into the open. We also wanted the rogue attacks to stop and whoever was responsible for them to be punished."

Ellen continued her story. "The Mayor looked pretty grim and told us the City Council would need to do it's own research and find out what was going on. They also needed to hear from the Federation and he looked pointedly at the uncomfortable man in uniform. He suggested they adjourn until the next month and set a time to meet again here in the city and asked for a vote from the City Council. All voted in approval.

He then asked if the City Council approved a direct communication line to be opened so the Council of Elders could contact them and keep them informed of developments. Again all voted in approval. At that the Mayor asked the uniformed person if it would be possible for the Federation to open a communication channel for the Council of Elders or whether the City Council needed to do it He saluted and said the Federation would provide the link."

" I think it's bugged", Ellen continued, but it's more than we had before."

She continued, "Then the Mayor adjourned the meeting and escorted us back to our air sleds. He told me we had done a very brave thing coming into the city and they would look into our story and be looking forward to our meeting next month."

Ellen completed her story and looked at the others.

"So it seems things are happening. Hopefully next month we will know more about what is going on."

They talked a bit more and asked more questions until they reached the point where they just needed to leave things and process them later. The talk shifted to other things.

The big news was Rafe had gotten his sixth chevron and would be leaving with Ellen after the party to get his Master's initiation. With all that was going on he was eager to get his own air sled and do some snooping around on his own even though Ellen was warning him not to.

The meeting broke up and most of them went back to the dance. Tobal spent a little more time in his farewells with Becca. After a final kiss and hug he took his pack and left in the pouring rain.

Tobal was getting impatient. It had been almost one year and he wanted to move on into the Journeyman degree. After Tyrone soloed this month he would have five chevrons. He only needed one more newbie to train. He was no fool.

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