Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 21D-Time Travel by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 21D-Time Travel
"But you can't advance because the program will not allow early advancement even if you are already prepared correct?"

He nodded, "That's right."

"Well, I'm in the same situation", she said. "I already know how to survive, how to defend myself and I am also a healer. I also know advanced techniques that my grandfather taught your parents and other advanced techniques that your parents in turn taught my grandfather."

"Can you talk to my parents?", he interrupted.

"Yes", she nodded biting her lower lip.

"Are they alive?"

"Tobal", she said slowly with pain in her eyes. "Your parents are no longer human, and they are dying. They are asking for our help."

"What do you mean, no longer human?" he shouted. "I see them and talk with them during circle."

"What you see and talk with are their spirits", she whispered. "They have developed their spirt bodies to the point they are almost physical. In fact, once their spirit bodies were physical and they could go anywhere they wished by changing their physical bodies to energy and teleporting instantly to where they wanted to go. They can't do that anymore."

She shuddered, "Your uncle captured them and imprisoned them. He wired them like electrical components into the circuitry of a machine and they have been kept alive artificially for over twenty years in special fluid filled tanks."

"Tobal", she said looking hard into his face with tears in her eyes. "I have traveled in the spirit to where they are kept imprisoned. Their physical bodies have mutated and become grossly deformed. Only their spirits remain human. They wish to be free of their physical bodies and become simply the Lord and Lady. But your uncle won't let them die."

"I need to see", he sobbed in denial and fear. "I need to know for myself. I need to see them and talk with them. I need them to tell me."

She put her arms around him as his shoulders shook and comforted him till he regained his composure.

Wiping angry tears from his eyes, he asked, "You'll teach me?"

She held him against her breast. "I'll teach you, Tobal. I promise."

The first thing she taught him was the story of his parents and their classified research involving time travel. Ron and Rachel had built a matter transmission machine and tested it. This machine used powerful pulsating magnetic fields at certain resonant frequencies to create a gateway into time and space much like the ones in current use for matter transmission. The problem was that mineral and crystaline objects would work but organic materials would not.

After several years of research Ron and Rachel developed the first gateway or portal that allowed living matter to be transported through it to target locations and began using it themselves. This was an important military break through. It allowed troops to be transported instantly from one area to another and was immediately highly classified.

It was purely by accident the time traveling capability was developed.

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