Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 21E-Earth Energy by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 21E-Working with Earth Energy
His parents thought this additional training was needed and started working in secret with Howling Wolf and a handful of others at the gathering spot on the lake. It was after Howling Wolf's training on bi-location that they realized they no longer needed the machine to time travel to places they had already visited. They met in a secret place under the waterfall at the lake to do this training. It was where they would travel back in time and return with items to prove they had done it.

Howling Wolf needed help to time travel at first. Ron and Rachel had linked together with him and had made several trips back into different time periods. Later he had been able to go to those same locations but he was not able to go to new ones. It seemed the machine opened the gateway the first time and that once it was opened and a person properly attuned, they could travel through it at will. Even Ron and Rachel had needed the machine to open the gateway the first time to new locations.

At the lake the group discovered two people who had already been to a specific time period could take a third person without using the machine. Once that person had been taken and brought back they could make the journey on their own without help. Still they were only allowed access to the three future times and twenty historical times that Ron and Rachel had personally gone to themselves. They were not able to go to the ones that had been discovered while Ron and Rachel were wired into the machine.

Llana had completed this training but her grandfather couldn't link with her well enough to take her through by himself. He needed one other person to be able to do this. Both Ron and Rachel had linked with him and taken him through. There needed to be one more person to take Llana through without the machine and there were no others. Howling Wolf thought they were all gone. All except Ron and Rachel, he and the others had called them the Lord and Lady. They were still there in the mountain complex held prisoner and alive. Things were not right because they were both ill and were both slowly dying.

Llana felt they needed her help and she needed their help to time travel. She had talked with them in the spirit and they had told her they would help her.

Then Llana spoke of the massacre at the lake and how the small group of people had been below in the cave time traveling when it had happened. Howling Wolf and the others had emerged from the cave only to find their families murdered. They had buried them in a mass grave and raised the pile of stones over the dead bodies. Afterward they had left not knowing who to trust and knowing their very lives were in danger if they were ever found.

This was all news to Tobal and he was beginning to think she was crazy until he remembered Melanie had said something about time travel. He thought about the strange shop in Old Spokane with it's "replicas" and suddenly he wasn't sure about anything anymore.

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