Scar Headbringer by John Karnay

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SUMMARY: This is s few chapters of a fantsy novel I am working on for a publisher. Bear in mind it's a draft. There's a small homage to the Dark Tower in it.

Prelude: Part 1: Lord Gareth the Kingdom of Atlantis
Since the elder gods chose to breath life in to the universe, there has always been a center. This center is not an actual spatial location, but rather the focal point for every godly eye and higher powers' attention. In all the planes of existence, one small glowing orb in the vast blanket of entropy held the constant gaze of every divine power both just and malevolent. This small fertile planet remained the stage for their power struggles. It was once a world without a name, until the rise of its greatest nation. Until nearly two thousand years ago, the many races of this world were isolated by their beliefs and geographical boundaries. And so it remained until the First Age of Atlantis.
Unlike the elder races of Sylvans, Sidhe, Goblins and Giants, the country of Atlantis belonged to the race of men. It was at that time, a millennium ago, that Lord Gareth, a ruler of great wealth and power built an empire. The son of a cleric and a powerful warrior, Gareth had all the makings of a great leader. His ambition and loyalty to his country were fueled by his devotion to Atlarian, the father of the gods of Atlantis. However the road to glory was not an easy one for Gareth, being raised in a tumultuous time in Atlantean history.
The nine Dominion clans of Atlantis were divided by differing beliefs. Disorganized and untrusting of each other, the nine clans fell victim to attackers from foreign lands. The Fomorian giants of the North conducted raids on Atlantean shores, using huge warships to wage war against all of the Dominion clans. The three eyed Fomorians giants were a sea faring race of raiders, slavers and pirates. Nearly twelve feet tall and employing the sturdiest and best-crafted ships of any race, the Fomorians had no fear of the divide country of Atlantis. They pillaged and looted the main land and burned any ship unfortunate to cross their path.
Gareth obtained his crown by the age of twenty-five by his own hand. Elected by his clan to lead after the death of their ruler at the hands of the wicked giants from the north, his incredible wisdom, tactical skill, and devotion to Atlarian inspired the other clans of Atlantis. He assembled a united army and took the battle back to the Fomorians both on land and sea. His leadership and bravery in commanding the free Dominions against their enemies won him respect and followers. When the Fomorian war was won his fellow Lords rallied for a unified nation of Atlantis. All of Atlarian's children would live together under one throne and that throne belonged to Gareth.
Once in power, Gareth felt that the new united nation needed a capitol. He collected the greatest wizards and mages in his new kingdom and set them to work researching innovations to improve the Atlantean way of life. He assembled an unstoppable army led by the finest military veterans of the Fomorian conflict. The army of Atlantis was as great as any ever seen by man or god. Every craftsman and fine artist in the new kingdom was employed to design the intricate architecture of Atlantis's capitol.

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