Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 22B-Murder! by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 22B-Murder!
Ellen paused before continuing. "Howling Wolf said the social experiment was funded by the Federation and closely monitored within the mountain complex. It's commanding officer was Lieutenant Colonel Harry Kane, brother to Ron Kane. Ron and Rachel Kane were the parents of Tobal Kane who is now soon to enter Journeyman status. There were whispers around the room at this as several City Council members looked at each other."

"Then Howling Wolf explained the Sanctuary program was just a front for a type of much more advanced research, namely time travel. Some gasps filled the room and I noticed there were several white faces including the general's."

She looked at Tobal. "He said Ron and Rachel Kane created a machine capable of sending a person forward in time into the future or backward into the past. The problem was Ron and Rachel were the only ones that could use it. It wouldn't work for anyone else and no one knew why."

"Ron and Rachel continued travelling forward and backward into time. The scientists continued to think of way to improve the machine. Ron and Rachel believed it was a human problem and not a machine problem and worked in secret with a small handful of trusted friends. They developed techniques that would prepare an individual for time travel. The most important was the technique of bi-location."

"Howling Wolf told us that he appeared in the room using bi-location techniques he learned from Ron and Rachel Kane and has been teaching to his own students since that time. There were gasps and hard looks on the faces of some of the City Council members."

"He said the bi-location process does not require a machine. Time travel does not require a machine either. There was a small handful of people taught to how to time travel by linking with Ron and Rachel and then they were able to do it on their own without help. He said he knew of several others still living that were now doing this and teaching others how to do it."

"Howling Wolf said the group was time traveling when the massacre at the gathering spot occurred. His wife and children were murdered and so was Sarah Gardner's mother. Sarah is another Apprentice that is now teaching her second newbie to solo. Fortunately two of his grandchildren were not at the gathering spot and are alive today. They are also currently enrolled in the Sanctuary program. He told how stunned the group was when they arrived back at the gathering spot and found everyone murdered."

"He then told how Ron and Rachel told them to flee. They were going to talk with Ron's brother and find out what had happened. They agreed to meet at a specific location in history where they often met up before. The entire group fled and later tried meeting but Ron and Rachel never came. Howling Wolf got very angry and said his son and wife were hunted down and executed. He found out later that Ron and Rachel had been declared dead by his brother Harry and their son, Tobal was taken by his uncle to be raised."

Ellen paused in her story to see how Tobal and Rafe were taking it.

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