Lockdown - 01 by Alexander Shaw

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"Don't worry my friend, despite our somewhat humbler appearance than these fine folk here, I can assure you that my companion and I are perfectly respectable business men and..."

"This settle it?" The Carene cut in, slipping a small wedge of paper credit notes towards the bouncer's outstretched hand. Quickly, Davan copied the manoeuvre, doubling the size of the wedge the bouncer now held. With one eye raised, the bouncer stepped aside without a further word.

"Nice one." Davan whispered, flagging down a passing waiter.

"Improvisation is a valuable skill." The Carene replied.

"Two Space Dust, my good man." Davan said to the nearest waiter, a small and red uniformed Korsneakian lad. The waited bowed hurriedly and rushed off to fetch the order. Davan motioned towards a nearby table with two tall stools. His companion nodded, and the two of them sat down. It wasn't long before their appearance bought them some attention. Davan was reasonably certain that his clothing was clean and free of rips, as was that of his new companion, yet they were only wearing civilian fashions, spacer's jeans and tops. These men and women wore suits and gowns freely, as if they weren't on an economy passenger liner. Two Space Dust, in tall, thin bottles the length of Davan's upper arm, were delivered a moment or so later, Davan smiled and tipped the waiter, before handing his new companion a bottle.

"Davan." He introduced himself, holding up his drink.

"Tenzanin." The Carene replied, clinking his bottle against Davan's.

--/+7 minutes/--
--/Aft Section Upper Lounge/--

"Honestly sir? I am a narcotics dealer," the man called Stevens said just a little too loudly, "I'm the only honest man honestly here that's honest enough to talk about his honesty sir!! By Damn I am sir!!" That he was drunk was undoubtedly the case. He was short, fat, wealthy, drunk and had a very expensive cigar clamped in his jaw. He had a very thick, gravel-like voice, one that neither Davan nor Tenzanin thought they would be forgetting any time soon.

"And you feel comfortable speaking about this in front of every one here?" Davan asked, his curiosity piqued. Tenzanin had said little in this somewhat one-sided conversation. Stevens was amusing, yet potentially dangerous.

"Of course, Offff course sir...." He took a swig out of the full balloon of brandy in his left hand. "No shame, you see sir! Very little use for it!!"

"I think you've had enough, sir." A voice cut across the dunk man's ramblings. Davan turned to look at the newcomer. The sight chilled him.

"Ffffffffuck you sir..." Stevens spat at the newcomer, who walked directly up behind him and placed a hand on Steven's elbow. He was tall, well built. He was a Japlanian, blue skinned and devoid of expression. He was bald, with a black headband wrapping his head above the ears. His robe was immaculate, his every movement truly articulate. Davan noticed that Tenzanin's eyes narrowed at the sight of the Japlanian.

"Please sir, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." The Japlanian said softly.

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