Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 22C-Tobal Visits the Village by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 22C-Tobal Visits the Village
"The mayor was the first to act telling everyone to stay where they were and called the police. The general was already gone and no one remembered seeing him go. The police and medics came within minutes but it was clear the City Council member was dead. The four other City Council members were taken away by the police. The mayor looked visibly shaken by what had just happened and turned to look at us."

"He said things were much more serious than he had believed. He asked to postpone the meeting till next month. He said the City Council needed to do some investigating on it's own first. He also said he was inclined to believe our story in the light of recent events. Then he asked us to make certain Howling Wolf was alive and give him medical treatment if he needed it. The last thing he said was that Howling Wolf must be kept alive at all costs."

"With that the meeting was adjourned and we immediately flew to the village in search of Howling Wolf but were not able to locate him. Failing that we returned to the base at the mountain and made a report to the Circle of Elders."

Ellen continued her story. "I immediately left to find Crow and let him know what had happened. Crow was with his newbie when I landed and walked over. I told him what had happened. He immediately excused himself and sat down on his pack near a tree. He appeared to be going into a deep trance and suddenly disappeared. I didn"t know what to do, the newbie was looking at me with wide eyes. I decided to set up a camp and start a meal hoping Crow would come back."

"It was about two hours later that Crow suddenly appeared sitting on his pack at the base of the tree. He looked tired and angry."

"He's all right", he said but someone is going to pay for this." Ellen talked with Crow about the details of what had occurred and the murder of the assassin. That made Crow's eyes flash even darker with anger.

"Someone didn't want him to talk. Have you talked with Llana about this?"

"Llana", Ellen said puzzled, "why would I talk with Llana?"

"She's my sister."

Ellen concluded her story and looked at Rafe and Tobal with troubled eyes.

"Things are getting dangerous and I don't really know what to do about it. The Council of Elders is in shock right now and just wishing the entire thing would go away. They don't trust the City Council at all and we can't get in contact with Howling Wolf. I still haven't talked with Llana."

"Let me talk with Llana", Tobal said. I'm not doing anything this month until she soloes. Perhaps I can visit with Howling Wolf and learn more."

Ellen took Tobal on her airsled and they found Llana heading for her soloing spot. Ellen left him there to talk with her.

Llana was not ready to let anyone have access to her grandfather, even Tobal. She had already heard about it from Crow and knew he was all right. She was seriously shaken by what had happened though and while she was relieved her grandfather was doing alright, she was not willing to risk anything that might further endanger him.

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