Anomaly by Neil Cladingboel

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SUMMARY: Originally written as a writing exercise, a micro version of this very short story actually won a flash fiction award.

The mysterious anomaly rose above me; its unmistakable presence challenging my sanity. It filled the space before my eyes, advancing slowly as it fed off my fears without scar or hesitation.

Frozen to the blood-covered sidewalk as the stains of my life's failings drained silently into the gutter, I confronted its evil; defying its everpresent honesty as it stood there staring at me with its hateful eyes.

Undaunted, I smiled at my reflection then thrust my fist into the glass. The mirror shattered onto the pavement at my feet. Victorious, I stepped over my fragmented soul and began the long journey home.

Copyright Neil C. Cladingboel 2002/2004