Lockdown - 02 by Alexander Shaw

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There was no doubting it.

It was a Nethrek Legionary.

Quickly the two mechanics rushed over to the suit, reaching up to help the Legionary get his helmet off. It turned out that he didn't need any help, nor did he want it. He yanked it off just before the mechanics reached him, then turned to glare at them. Both of them stopped in their tracks at the sight of his face. It was hideous, two brightly intensive eyes shone malice out from a mess of scar tissue and burns. There were no cheeks, no ear lobes, little hair and a mangled ruin of a nose. This man was scarred with features as an afterthought.

"You." The Nethrek growled at the first man, reaching over to grab him. "Where is the Nethrek Embassy?" He grasped the front of the mechanic's overalls and lifted. The servos in the suit audibly contracted. The mechanic was lifted clear from his feet, thrashing slightly. He was pretty sure that this wasn't covered in his wage packet.

"I...I...let me..." The mechanic choked, lost for words. The Nethrek snarled, making his malformed face even more intimidating, if that was even possible. He let go of the struggling man, then turned to the other one, reaching out to grab him as well. The first one had collapsed in a heap by the Legionary's armoured boots.

"It's down on level 3-006!!" The second man yelped before the armoured gauntlet could grasp him. The Legionary stopped, his hand only an inch from the trembling man's shirt. He retracted his arm, tried his very best to offer a smile, it instead resembled a painful grimace, and tuned to stride at the docking bay doors. Behind both the traumatised mechanics, deeper toward the hard-seal doors, a shape pushed itself through the outer hull. It was the shape of a man. Not a large man, nor yet a small one, but one that looked permanently scared of something bigger than him. Quickly, trying not to be noticed, the man pushed himself to run after the huge form of the Legionary.

--/+0 minutes 36 seconds/--
--/Docking Bay 619/620 lounge/--

"No, give me one of those ones." Tenzanin coughed, pointing at the blue/grey pills that the medic had just tucked back into his pouch. The word medic was a pretty loose term to be fair, he was little more than a kid with a first aid kit, but right now Tenzanin just didn't care. The kid had pills, the pills would help. He hadn't eaten in days, despite his state of unconsciousness, and the bout of hyperspace sickness hadn't worn off yet. This made him feel like a freshly ground corpse, hence the pills, to see if at least one of them would get him active again.

There was the huge sound of pressurised doors wheeling open to his left. Looking up, all Tenzanin could really see was the info point stand that blocked his view of docking doors 620 but above and below that, he could see the doors were cycling open. Then there was the thunder of heavy feet. Looking below the info point stand he saw two massive armoured boots, jet-black and scratched. He'd recognise those things anywhere. Nethrek boots. Great, he thought to himself, another psycho in a battlesuit.

--/+1 minute/--
--/Docking Bay 619/620 lounge/--

"Excuse me, sir." A quiet voice whimpered from behind him.

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