Lord of Light and Shadows : The Gathering of the Five by Jude Darfoor

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SUMMARY: Not great at giving synopsis, basically a yarn about a man who discovers his past is not what it seems and embarks on a great adventure thingy, crises, am I putting you off already ?. Read on you wont be disappointed, I hope...

Lord of Light and Shadow

When the moon turns black in the dawn of fire will the City of Light fall
The home of dragons will turn to ash and stone
A world ruled by darkness and shadow
Dragons would be lost to the earth but the gathering of the five shall bring them home
Five from the five races of man, a man, a dwarf, an elf, a giant and a sleeping dragon.
The five shall be the light of the world
Four shall guide the fifth, and the fifth will be the hope of the world

The five will gather on the day of blood
Night shall give birth to day
But the Prince of Laboni will hold the key to the Eye
For in the path of blood lies the destiny of man
The rise of dragons heralds the fall of the gods

Prophecy of the Wandering Priest
Acolyte of shadow


Wheel of Cronos 2412, First Quarter of the Stag

The City of Light, home of dragons and capital of the Shiaron Empire rose majestically out of the golden sands of the desert. Pale granite walls carved from white slabs of stone reflected the last of the fading sunlight.Built on the borderlands between a lush forest and a harsh unforgiving desert, it had suffered invasion and conquests many times but had never fallen. The last invasion had happened over two millennia ago when nine demon lords had led their armies from another world through a dimensional rip into Simaria pursuing their enemies the Elitia.
The Elitia had found natural allies among the people of the Shia who found the nature of the demons abhorrent. The Shia King had joined his armies to that of Elitian Dragon army, but the war had not gone their way. This time, on the brink of annihilation the King of Shia had accepted an offer from the Elitians to mix blood with the Shiaron, gaining his people the ability to bond with dragons. His soldiers, famed for their battle prowess and skill even with star sliver weapons given them by the Elitian Dragon army, the Dracons, were like chaff in the wind against the might of the demons. With the power granted to his men through the bonding they eventually turned the tide of battle, destroying the demon army, and eventually trapping and killing three of the demon lords.
The remaining six demon lords, too powerful and beyond their strength to kill were trapped within an elaborate spell matrix, removing them take them out of the time stream. Over the next two millennia the City prospered, and grew in strength, extending its borders over the entire continent of Simaria for no other city or state had warriors as powerful as that of the dragon host.
Unknown to most of the City's inhabitants, tonight was to be the last night the City of Light was to remain free. For it too was destined to suffer under the yoke of conquest and its mighty walls reduced to rubble. Prince Ramakan's army of Shadow laid encamped outside the city walls. The Prince was a mage of immense power, and had managed the impossible feat of destroying the Dragon host, hence leaving the City of Light, capital of the Shiaron Empire almost defenceless.

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