Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure Chapter 23B-Rafe's Air Sled by Joe Bandel

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Chapter 23B-Rafe's Air Sled
"We need to know where your parents are kept if we are going to help them", she reminded him. "We will also need someone on the inside that knows their way around. Crow is going to start training a group for bi-location and time travel at the village. I am going to be working with you and your group."

"My group?" He asked puzzled.

"Yes, your group", she smiled. "You didn't think you were going to be doing this alone did you?"

"Well, kind of", he admitted.

"As you continue through the training you will meet people you trust and become friends with", she told him. " Some of them will be chosen to continue on within the time travel program. If you and I also teach them the bi-location process in secret they will test well enough to be chosen. Your group can then infiltrate the organization."

"How long will all of this take", he said in despair. "My parents are dying!"

"Your parents have been dying for twenty years", she said softly. " They will stay alive as long as they know we are coming. They have told me that. We will need between one and two years to get your group trained and ready. That means you will all be medics by then."

"When will I be able to talk with my parents like you and Crow do?"

"That should start happening soon", she told him. "Your coming initiation should assist in that process. In the meantime keep practicing your meditations and exercises."

"You said we will continue meeting each month", Tobal said. "When and where will we meet next?"

"Let's meet three days after every circle at your base camp", she decided. "That will work for starters. Later we can find a better location if we want to."

They left it at that and he noticed Llana and the wolf cubs were gone shortly after that. She didn't stay for circle or to talk with any of the others. He realized she had come just to talk with him and to make sure he got his sixth chevron.

Even with ten initiations there was a shortage of newbies and Tobal noticed that several clansmen including Tyrone, Mike and Butch were not at circle. They were presumably waiting at sanctuary for more newbies and had been waiting the entire month. Tempers were flaring around the newbie situation .

Mike was angry and so were Tara and Nick who decided to just stay together for the month. Wayne and Char didn't really care and were back together. There were five other clansmen really angry about the newbie situation. It had reached the point where four Apprentices simply left for the coast. That was more than the monthly one or two that elected to drop out of the program.

Tobal had been doing some heavy thinking about the newbie situation and realized most of the problems were because Nikki, Melanie, Becca and himself had all trained newbies within a month and created a bottleneck situation with the newbies. They were getting their training too fast. There had been a problem when Rafe was training newbies one a month but this was far worse since Rafe was just one person.

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